Kurihara Akane Manga OST


So, not so long ago my otaku rank has become higher.. now my rank is senior otaku++
but then I realize something, I have been on TheO for so long but I haven't make any challenge yet.. I think it's a bit shameful xD

that's why right now I wanna make a challenge to all of you ppl on TheO :D I hope you can have a lot of fun in my challenge.. :)


back to the challenge issue.. as you can read in the caption, this challenge theme is about manga ost/soundtrack.
maybe all of you are asking, how could a manga has a soundtrack? xD nah before you hit me.. better you read the explanation below this ^^

for this challenge, I want you to make a card using scan from a manga.. and use the quotes/words on ur card from the lyrics of anime soundtrack.. do you get it?
it sounds simple.. but what I want is you use a lyrics from anime soundtrack that fits the story of the manga.. ^^
I have read thousand manga.. so feel free to use any manga series from the old one till the new one..
I will let you be free with your choice.. as long as the card that you make is fits with the rule of this challenge :)

Challenge Rules:

-The cards image must be a manga/manhwa scan, it can be colored or black and white
-The quotes/words on the card must be from anime soundtrack
-The lyrics song must fit with the story of the manga (If I don't know about the story of the manga, I will search it on google to see does the lyrics/words u are using fits with the story of the manga)
-Write in the description a simple explanation of how the lyrics/song fits with the story of the manga
-Yaoi/Yuri are allowed
-Follow TheO rules
-Give credit to all resources
-UNLIMITED submission
-Be creative
-Have fun ;)

I hope these rules are clear for you ^^
and btw, please dedicate the card to me so that I can keep track to this challenge :)


1st place: gold shiny medal, a gift, one wallpaper, 2 cards, and 3 icons
2nd place: gold shiny medal, a gift, one wallpaper, one card, and 2 icons
3rd place: gold shiny medal, a gift, one card/wallpaper, and 2 icons

if many people enter, I will choose some people as honorable mention.. and they will get one art request from me (wallpaper, card, or icon)

have a question? feel free to PM me about it or just leave the comment below :)
I am looking forward to see your submission ^^

and since I know that almost all of you (including my self) are currently busy with study, work, etc.. I will give you 3 months to enter this challenge.. :)

HAVE FUN !!!!!




the winners are

1st place - BabyD
2nd place - Mint Dash
3rd place - reichiinya

and for honorable mention are

-Yuuyuu pon

Congratulations for the winner :D

for the prize, please send message to me to tell me what is your request..
thank you for entering my challenge, and I AM SORRY FOR THE LATE..



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