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Yet another challenge from me! I hope I get many wonderful entries like in my last challenge, ~CLAMP tribute~. You guys did an amazing job and I had trouble picking only three winners!
So for this challenge, as the title suggests, you must make a Vampire Knight themed card. It can be anything from a funny demotivational poster to a sad card with music lyrics on it. It can have a single character or multiple. You can pretty much make any type of card you want, just have fun :)

1. Please give me the link to the scan you used, if possible. And credit textures/brushes if the person you got it from asked to be credited.
2. Follow TheO rules. So nothing above PG-13 and don't use fan art, basically.
3. No yaoi/yuri. (Just say no to ZeroxKaname!)
4. If you use lyrics from a song please give me the title and artist in the description because I'd love to hear the song you used.
5. You don't have to dedicate the card to me. It would be nice of you, but I check the entries every so often so I will probably see your entry within a couple days of you submitting it.
6. Have fun. Or else...XD

First Place: 2 cards, two gifts, a sub
Second Place: a card, a gift, and a sub
Third Place: a card and a sub
Honorary mentions: a gift

I will give you a month, as per my usual. Also, entries are unlimited. I hope you enjoy this challenge~


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Vampire Knight
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Forever & Always ~Kurihara Akane
A Little Bite ~fma17
Bloody Alice ~Felcie
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