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Hello everyone :)

Because I absolutely loved all your submissions in my last challenge [and had so much fun xD, I hope you had fun as well], I'm making a new challenge and this time it's all about SECRETS :).

You can of course portray your idea through the picture, the words/quote or both and this secret that will get revealed [or only be hinted, that's up to you] can be anything and everything from a secret love, an unrevealed crush, a hidden desire or thought to the place where you hid your secret stash of cookies ^^. I'm pretty sure you'll come up with better ideas than me and surprise me :P. Oh and of course the secret doesn't have to belong to you or be real at all, you can just as well imagine what kind of secret could a character be hiding.

Moving on...


~ I'll allow real images as well, but please provide the link if possible, and mention if the quote belongs to someone famous or comes from a song.
~ Yaoi/yuri is very much allowed.
~ Follow theO's guidelines.
~ maximum 3 submissions per person this time.

Since I believe this subject needs a bit more research than my last one, I'll make this challenge 2 months long.

As for prizes... I can't promise big things since two months is still a long time [and I'm pretty sure I'll be kinda busy with school in that period :(] but I will make the winners something, aside from overwhelming them in gifts :P.

And everyone that enters gets of course a gift per submission as a thank you :)

Oh and you don't have to dedicate your card to me, I'll check the submissions :)

If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment on the challenge or in my GB and ask. Good luck and I look forward to your cards ^^

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