Ritona I Can't Believe I Made This

Thanks for all the great entries in my last challenge!

Alright, so this time around I have a special challenge for you guys, and I couldn't wait until April Fool's to share it with you. I'd like for you to create the most horrible, crappiest, atrocious card you possibly could make (without breaking TheOtaku's submission guidelines, of course). I want you to make the same mistakes all the newbies make: JPEG artifacts, atrocious color schemes, horrible typography, unattractive image resizing, etc. I'd like you to make something close to this. You know the type of card I'm talking about, right? And I do not want to see anything like this entered into this challenge. That is just unacceptable (and will be disqualified immediately).

Sure, you might be the best of the best, but are you also the best of the worst? Rip open your MS Paint and get to work! And remember guys, this is all just for poops and giggles. Just let loose and have a fun time at being awesomely horrible. Not too much pressure, right?

- Card can be any type/genre.
- If using a quote, please give the source.
- Cards must be from an anime or manga source.
- 1 submission per person. (I won't let this challenge sully your beautiful portfolio too much, 'kay?)
- Oh, and lastly - anyone's allowed to enter!

Bonus: Each person who submits will get a cookie 'cause they're awesome for being gutsy enough to enter. Chyeah.

First Place - One Two Card Requests + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Second Place - One Card Request + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Third Place - One Two Avatar/Icon Requests

*In the event of a tie, a gift will be in place of a medal.

I will be judging based on creativity and bad quality, so do your best worst & good luck!

Challenge Over! Please check out the results Here!

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He stole my cookie! ~SaxGirl
Sparkly! :D ~xNotUnderstood
for the bin ~Kaerlyn
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