This will explain the Profile of the characters in the Comic called Random Party also they are the same characters in the Learning in Session and Lighting. I am making with a friend he and I come up with ideas and draw them out in our own style of drawing... We been on this Comic since freshmen year... I just want to let people know that it's random stuff, with random fights and random incoming people that are known. We did Mixture of Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Eater,and more but for now I like you to try and read this and understand my character, his character and other characters in our comic.

happy anniversary

And a happy anniversary to my O.Cs
Zuzu and Sapphire
Today is their day of being together 3 years
Married in 2012
Ill be posting some artworks of em soon before the year ends
Also posting up for S.S fanart soon

Fire blends with Ice

Somewhere on the shores of Hawaii there was Zuzu pacing nervously and Sosuke trying to talk with him as the Random Party Crew are all getting seated and waiting for the wedding to begin for the Killing machine and his bride to be Sapphire

Zuzu: damn it.....

Sosuke: Calm down. Its the nerves getting to you.

Zuzu glares Sosuke and smacks the back of his head

Sosuke: The fuck?rubbing his head what was that for?

Zuzu: I thought it help me smirks took away a bit of my nerve

Sosuke: What ever shes probably as nervous too. And you out of all people are nervous... the Killing Machine

Zuzu: Just shut up messes with his tie and the buttons on his suit

mean while with Sapphire inside a small hut near by; not to far from Zuzu and Sosouke's location shes in her lovely wedding dress and is pacing around with Lulu, Brittney and Austin at her side

Sapphire: ...oh.... What if I trip....Or... something happens. I mean.... what if one of our enemies come along.

Brittney: it be ok

Lulu: Yes it will. All will go fine and dandy

Austin: Yeah! It will go well for you two. My big brother must be as nervous as you too

Sapphire: He might not be... and that would give me a lot more nerves....but to see him I will be fine

Lulu, Brittney and Austin smile to her and help her fix up her dress before heading out

As everyone started getting ready to sit and wait the Black Veil Brides began playing here comes the Bride

Sosuke: You seriously didn't get a pianist to play that sosuke whispered to Zuzu you got a rock band to play it

Zuzu: I'm different shut up loser.

Everyone turns to face the hut and sees Austin walking down throwing pedals to the ground and stands to the far left of Zuzu. Zuzu began to try and calm himself as He saw Sapphire come out the hut with Brittney and Lulu behind her

Sapphireone step at a time... one step at a time

Sapphire was thinking this as she walked down pass everyone towards the front and to Zuzu but as she was close she miss placed her footing and was tumbling forward everyone gasped and stood up but as she was falling forward she felt someone grab her. She looks up and sees Zuzu looking down to her and pulls her up.

Sapphire: Z-Zuzuher face flushed a bright red holding back her tears of embarrassment

Sapphire began to think and hate the fact that something like that happened and in front of everyone especially in front of Zuzu until she felt him pull her into a hug and whisper to her

Zuzu: trust're not the only one nervous .... I won't ever let you fall

Sapphire: Zuzu....thank you...

As they stood side by side Brittney and lulu took their place next to Sapphire and Austin while Sosuke was at Zuzu's side. Everyone was happy to know that Zuzu being as wild as fire... was able to find someone so nice who could hold him from being a wild ice barrier to keep him from spreading more... As they stood there and made their vows all anyone could say was the Fire has been blended with the ice.

Zuzu and Sapphire

As a result I have been wanting to get em together ^_^ And I shall. This is going to be a comic so this wedding is going to have comedy and well of course the obvious Romance for the Bride to be Sapphire and her Groom my very not so nice killing machine Zuzu ^_^

Engaged today.... getting married.... well that'll be a surprise ^_^

Profile: Ne-Ne

Age: 17 or 18
Height: 5' 4
Weight: 154
Likes: Pocky sticks
Dislike: ?
Best Friend: Austin and Brittney
Relatives: Na-Na
Relations: Zuzu's apprentice

Ne-Ne was actually in deep trouble running away from some thugs that had killed some of her friends as they were heading back to their homes. The people who attacked her were enemies who wanted Ne-Ne captive and use her as profit. They were people who hated her father and wanted her dead with her parents.
As she was running she ran into Itachi and Zuzu who were training.
She went to them and beg they help her though Itachi brushed her off and said to find someone else. She looked to Zuzu who just shook his head as though saying "no" himself. But before she headed out the men came at her infront of the two. She beg they help her, but the men who attacked her made her fall un-conscience. Zuzu looked to the men and asked why they wanted her and as they told him he just became disgusted, but Itachi told him to let it be.
Itachi then looked to the girl and saw she was waking up and asked if she wanted to be strong so she could defend herself.. the minute she said yes, Zuzu went and killed the men in a flash and had Ne-Ne in his arms.
He looked to her and said "I'll show you how to be strong. Fight to where you can fight on your own." From here on out she stayed by Zuzu and Itachi and became zuzu's apprentice and swore to protect him and also be the one who can have the chance to repay him.

Profile: Zuzu Uchiha

Zuzu Uchiha
Age: 20
Birthday: October 22
Height: 5'6"
Music: Heavy Metal, Scream-o, techno
Relationship: Sapphire
Likes: His girlfriend Sapphire, his dog, color black, Coca Cola, Pocky Sticks,
Dislikes: Idiots that bug him, people that call him emo, Sosuke MOUSE TRAPS
Best Friend: Sosuke (kind of)

Zuzu Uchiha is basically me as a dude He was originally was suppose to be a girl but somehow we ended up making a boy... I thought to change him to a girl but decided to stick with it. He has my personality which is being mean, caring for friends (I show it better though),Wearing Dark colors, Hot Headed and more but the difference between me and him are well

  • he is a boy I am a girl
  • he is older and I am younger
  • he is tall I am short
  • I wear glasses he doesn't
  • He has ninja skills I only have is Isshinryu

Zuzu was born in with the Uchiha Clan. Zuzu grew like any other kid playing with his sister Austin, but when he turned a certain age his father decided to train him to kill and annihilate those who are weak. He then sent him off to be with Itachi to train him in battle and also to be kept a secret from anyone who asked Itachi if he knew where Zuzu was. Zuzu never cared what he was taught he just did as told and trained everyday and learned everything that Itachi knew. After a while he learned that Itachi went oout to kill the whole Clan but assured Zuzu his parents and sister are safe and sound, unfortunately though Zuzu was becoming more and more of a killing machine. He didn't care if his family was ok or not he just wanted to keep training and keep killing those who attacked him and his master.Later he ended up finding the Random Party Crew...Where he finally found his long lost sister (who he at first thought was a boy) but at that moment didn't care for her until he realized family is family so it to protect her from any harm. He doesn't show much friendship towards the other members of Random Party but he has a Rivalry Going on with Sosuke who introduced him to everyone else. Itachi joined afterwards and still trains Zuzu non-stop. Zuzu is now welcomed in the Random Party Crew and that is also the start of him becoming their best fighter and their Killing Machine.

It long for him but he is my character that I created and I am greatful if you took the time to read this.

Later he is now a great fighter fighting along side the Random Party crew until they face a new enemy known as the Black Knights they are the old English Knights who serve their king, one Knight walked into the Random Part territory, team Leo killed him but in the end Zuzu had something going on. He was being angrier and killer more than usual. He then fought a Knights who held Sapphire hostage and he then went to kill them and followed one to the lair of their king who he killed until he was to be crowned the new King...he accepted. The crew were then attacked by multiple Knights but the crew were also in search of Zuzu since he never came back. Team Scorpio (Itachi and Tobi) find the hide out of the Knights and see their new leader who's face was not seen. Zuzu has a couple of Knights to kidnap his little Sisters and Sapphire to keep them safe from the destruction of Random Party crew but it fails when the others go for an attack on the knights. Sosuke and Itachi were ready to fight the leader until they realized they were faced with Zuzu. Zuzu and Sosuke fight it off and
Zuzu uses the all power of Susano and Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan. Zuzu was going for a final blow until he went blind and was defeated by his partner Sosuke.

Relationship with his parents....
Zuzu loves his mother... Though she is a bit clingy and too over caring when it comes to him but he loves the fact she cares (he just hides it is all) but the relationship with his father is not so good.
When Zuzu trained with his father Zuzu would normally complain and do as a kid would do... be a baby about things they don't want to do. Zuzu's father .... would punish Zuzu if he ever failed a training session or wined .... Zuzu's father would usually burn Zuzu on his back to the point where now there is this huge scar on Zuzu's back... A scar Zuzu wish he could give to his father but much worse. Zuzu hates his father. Grateful he taught him a few things but Zuzu swore to never let that kind of thing happen to his sisters.... or in the future... to his own kids. Zuzu swore to never be like his father, and swore to be better than his father. Zuzu and his dad don't see eye to eye. Zuzu's father of course tries now to apologize and get Zuzu to not hate him but in the end Zuzu hates his father, and wishes he could make his father pay for the scar he has to bare to remember the hell he had to go through.