Okay a few things.
I'm Zeit, I'm also:
Simple(if you don't get me)
Complex(if you do get me)
I like:
Not Thinking
I dislike:
Stupid people
Those are the main bits.

i'm weird

i say i'm going to do something but never do it. than i decide to do it but slowly. than i even get a little excited for it. than i just loose most interest in it.


internet cupid

like listening to this songs lyrics....it sounds like aidsola.

what the EFF Heroes

uh heroes hi it's me brandon stop introducing characters just to kill them two days later


Chicago Weather

i don't know how many people on here are from the midwest but uh, the weather sucks. there's no way whatsoever that you can tell what it's going to be like outside. sometimes it's literally 52 degrees than 72 the next hour...i know right?

should i make a new world?

because when i made this one it was like the first week version vibrant came out and i didn't understand anything. i mean i guess it technically doesn't matter because i don't think anyone reads this but for my own mind i'm posting it.

because i guess this is mostly music. but i do talk about my life sometime. hmm.