Hello everyone, I have decided to dedicate this world to my knowledge of animals
If you would like to request an animal pm me, leave a comment asking me to go over it or find me in chat and ask me. If I have knowledge that isn't common, I will add it in a post. If possible I will redo a post with more detailed information upon request ^_^.

Please come in, learn things you may not have known before, enjoy your stay in my world. Besides my actual job, herpetology is my other passion, and once I am to old to be a defense contractor, or just don't want to do it anymore. I will go to college and take Zoology to get my PhD, and become a herpetologist ^_^

A true Albino frog

Shimu's dad is replacing a part of his roof and in the rafters he found an actual Albino frog. This frog was born this way because it has never seen the sunlight. It was born in darkness and raised there. The only problem is he didnt think about it and let it go in the woods. If the frog stays in the sun too long, it will die TwT. It is a tree frog which is supposed to be green but it was white, I would have loved to get it. He looked in the yard where he put it down and it wasn't there anymore so it went to find a new home ^_^.

Tiger(dedicated to my sister sophia=Omnia1)

The tiger is an amazing animal, with powerful claws that can disembowel a human being just by swiping them. they're orange fur with black strips seems like it would make them stand out, but that is definitely a wrong assumption. It does the opposite. In the sun-draped jungles it prowls in, it's fur and stripes make it blend in seamlessly with it's surroundings when standing still.

Tigers are masters of stealth and ambush, and they are fearless hunters who take down animals as big as crocodiles, rhinos, and even baby elephants. They just as skilled hunting in the water as they are on land with power biceps making them adept swimmers.

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fun fact- some tigers do kill humans for food, but not as often as you might think in fact only about 3-4 out of 1000 tigers kill a human being in their lifetime. They usually only hunt humans when they are desperate from starvation, sick, or injured.

You can't hide either, tigers have been known to swim out and either kill the fishermen on a boat or steal the fish they caught. But preferably because of spears and firearms, they try to avoid eating ppl unless it is necessary for their survival.

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Hyena(dedicated to my sister Sophia=Omnia1)

The Hyena, out of all the non-reptilian animals I have been ask or have chosen to do, it is one of the ones I have desired to do the most.

I want to clear up your impressions of the hyena, it is not the size of a pekinese like in the lion king, hyenas grow to 5 1/2 feet long and 3 feet tall and weigh up to 230 pounds.

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A hyena does not laugh, it's an advanced form of communication, in many ways rivaling our own military on the battlefield. It is also causes confusion they use this advanced tactic encircle and kill they're prey or if the prey does find an exit exit they chase it down from waiting points and uses their vocals to keep it running down the same path until it wears itself out, then they kill it.

The hyena are fearless carnivores and scavengers, all animals regardless of size must protect there kills from hyenas. Even cheetahs and leopards, or the hyena will take it away from them. Loins however take hyenas food a lot so. Hyenas eat everything and leave nothing. Bones, skin, flesh, fur, they eat it all.

fun fact- spotted hyenas have 12 known different vocalizations to communicate with each other

Komodo Dragon(dedicated to ChiChi6)

I have actually wanted to do this animal for a while, but haven't been asked T^T, thanks sis XD. I am going to break this into 2 sections 1 about the animal. The other about it's most dangerous weapon, it's saliva.

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The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard in the world and is a monitor lizard, or old world lizard. with a tail whip nasty enough to leave a big bruise.

fun fact- The term monitor lizard is based on an old world belief that the monitor lizards could detect the presence of crocodiles hiding in the water. If the villagers seen one avoiding the water they would to so they wouldn't get eaten.

Now lets go over their most dangerous weapon, their mouth or more specifically the bacteria it holds. They have 57 stains of harmful bacteria, I am only going to name a few, that should be more than enough to get my point about the danger of letting the bite go untreated across.

First is one that needs no explanation the name alone will let you know, Escherichia Coli or as it is better known E.Coli.

Next is Staphylococcus or as it is better known to cause in human bodies, food poisoning.

Providencia and Proteus, both are known to cause urinary tract infection.

I could spend the next hour typing the rest of the strains, but I don't feel like it so I will just say other things the bite leads to including, rapid swelling, blood clotting failure in other words you keep bleeding out from the wound, and shooting pain up to the elbow, some of these may last several hours. yeah, that's a nasty lizard with a nasty bite.

Alligator Snapping Turtle(dedicated to IJNeptune)

Alright the alligator snapping turtle is the next animal I want to go over, mainly because I was studying one yesterday and it got scared and bit me XD. The alligator snapping turtle is the biggest freshwater turtle in the world.

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Unlike common snapping turtles who have smooth shells, alligator snapping turtles have 3 large ridges on their shells and rugged head and necks that gives the a more prehistoric look.

The Thing the IJ was talking about is the awesome way they eat, the have a pink tounge that they wiggle like a worm, and they're mouths are grey and black, so combine that with the rugged look and the fact that they sit on the bottom of swamps they're prey follows their tounge straight into their mouths.

External Image
a picture of what it looks like

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an illustration of how it works

fun facts- alligator snapping turtles can weigh over 200 pounds, they can live up to 120 years. Oh and they can snap down on your fingers and chop them off, so keep your fingers away from their mouths >_>.