i tried to add in a little bit of everything that i thought people might like ^-^; so please bare with me and you can request a song to be added.

The Kitchen

In the Kitchen you can sit on floating saucer chairs and a floating table to eat on.To use the bunny microwave you tell it what you want to eat press a button and wait until it beeps and take out your food. get cold drink and other things from the fridge.

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Dance Room

the dance room , put on YOUR favorite song and jiggy with your besties
Get a cool refreshing drink from the mini fridge and cool off on a slightly chilled water coach

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Chill Room

In the Chill room you can play board games and other friend like things
or maybe even play spin the bottle get drinks from the mini fridge + little cold snacks like fruity jello!
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here on the balcony you can come out in the beautiful breeze and smell the nice star fruit tree's blooming down below orrrrrrr you can have a wonderful romantic experience with your loved one

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