Bella - Enter

I sat on my perch in the tree twirling my butterfly knife around my hand like it was an attachment. This house seemed off too me. Someone was inside. Someone alive. Probably on the verge of turning. Hopping ontu the stone wall beside a window I looked inside and didnt see one person...but..three?! No way! One looked ill..probably turning while the others seemed fine. Holy Shizniz! Looking closer someone must have spotted me because all I saw was a knife come at me threw the window wisping past me as it crashe dthrew the window.

"Oof!" I winced in pain as I landed behind the wall on my back trying too suck in some kind of air into my lungs. Good shot that girl was. Knicked my ear and now it was bleeding. I heard a cry and a scream come from inside and I listened as I heard someone wail about a ..window?