Mikhail Profilee

Name: Mikhail

Nickname: Mikey, Haile

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Looks: 20

Personality: Really nice unless prevoked then he turns too his evil alter ego (xD) His ego tend too love the sight of blood. His nice ego is protective and sweet. Always sticking up for people ad tries too take the bullet for people he cares for. He likes both genders ;D Flirts openly with Everyone

Past: He lived with his girlfriend in a apartment were she turned and attacked him. He ran and left her there unable to kill her. She broke his heart and hes been looking for that New love for some time but has found no survivors.

Likes: Flirting, Hello kitty, and kissing

Hates: Being prevoked, veggies, zombies

Fears: Being heart broken again, being turned.