The living dead has finally awoken. Thanks too epidemix spread threw the air of an unknown source. Noone knows were it started up or how too end it. Only a few were able to live without being infected as the rest of there loved ones are falling apart and attacking people who havnt turned yet.

You have too fight...and survive. Trying your hardest too run the world looking for a place free of the undead. My hope for you is too find a cure and spread it threw the air like the original curse first started. Find the other survivors and stick together. Fight Together! Because there your only hope for survival.

But your not thrown into the chaos without help. The same pollutions that turned your friends and family against you have changed you as well. While some are a ticking timebomb waiting for the curse too fully take them ontu the dark side. Your are gifted with the ability too do certain things. Use these gifts too survive with your friends.


Gift Rules

Characters :3
Rockelle and Bella - Cooki monstress (Admin)
Jocelyn - DemonsandAngels
Dee - Ermelinda
Elliot - DramaticCheezcake
Mikhail - Role Player

Restart :)

So since this thing died...I figured we could restart! Im hoping to get it going again! Soo....if ur interested in restarting this then lmk! Imma be messaging all the old members and asking them..PLEASE MESSAGE ME BACK :) Also...once i figure out whos gonna do this..imma draw a group photo of all the o.cs!!

Rockelle - first aid

I walked and flopped down in one of the kitchen chairs and examined the scratch on my arm. This was nuthing compared too some of the stuff i had sustaineed. I stretched popping my back and lazily looked around the room. Our little group was growin...

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What is going on?

-Elliot- I stared at the backpack on the ground. I had pack a few essentials in it and all that was really left was sentimental things. There was a picture of my family, my sister's hairbrush, my father's wallet, and a little trinket from e...

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Rockelle - more

I walked past the broken window and did a double take. There was an all out brawl in the back yard. Some guy in glasses was laying on the ground in front of dee. Clearly he got the over flip like I did. And a little girl...with the same bunny ears...

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Mikhail - enter

I watched as The bunny girl I had been following jumped over a wall. Very nice. For such a young kid it was amazing she had survived this long. Trecking after her a little more I noticed her fall and a knife fly past her...What had thrown the knife? She layed on the ground for some time trying too cathc her breath. Hanging from the tree branch I watched as someone else hopped out of the window. She looked tired and totally pissed. It was dark so I had too wait for my eyes too adjust.

This was crazy! not only 1 but 2 girls alive? They circled eachother not really aware were the other was. They both had weapons draw and looked ready too fire. Hopping down from my spot I landed behind the tired girl.

"Can I join the party?" I asked reaching out too the girl and layed my hand on her shoulder. She tenced up.