Tohru Honda and the Sohma family believed the curse had been broken. Only now it appears to have returned to the Sohma family. The new God keeps the zodiac under lock and key. They are not to leave the estate or their God's side til the day they die. All they have is one another, but something calls to them beyond the cold walls of the Sohma estate. The call of freedom, of love, of having a chance at a normal life. Can they break free?

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Izo's Profile

Name: Izo Koga Nickname: Izo-kun, Koga-Sama Gender: male Age: 18 Looks: Izo is about 5'10", with dark hair and eyes. It's shorter in the back, but the front parts to the left with longer hair, often falling in his eye o...

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Boar Profile

Name: Tukiyo Nickname: Tuki Zodiac Animal: Boar Gender: female Age: 17 Looks: Thick black hair she likes to keep short and in a pony tail. It can get a bit foofy, but its more bristly than soft. Looks in Z...

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News and Such

IMPORTANT! As you can all see we are now in need of a Boar in our zodiac! This position needs to be filled ASAP! We could also use some more nonzodiac characters. Here's my idea for that. If you want ur oc to fall in ...

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Nonzodiac Profiles

Aaralyn ~ DemonsandAngels ...

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Zodiac Profiles

Rat ~ DemonsandAngels ...

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