Hello.. This world is for Zero from Vampire Knight fans)) welcome
Here I would write the alternative Vampire Knight fanfic or something else

The new beginning

Downstairs. The Day campus was noisy, all the students went out of their rooms and began talking all around. Zero's head was spinning after all night guardian work. But this day was harder, than all previous. Hunger was growing and he was scared, really scared.
Yuuki was gone two month ago and now he forgot about the aim he was living for. Cross academy was rebuilt, but not all Day class students returned to it. And the Night class, it changed. The other faces, some of vampires didn't return to it, one thing Zero couldn't understand, why Kuran remained at the Academy.
Now Zero saw, killing all the pure blooded vampires will case the war, so doing it now is impossible. But now not about it.
He as usually shirked the last lesson and went to the nearby forest. Lying on the ground under the oak he felt a little better. But the cold wind touched his skin, so Zero stood up and began walking. Forgetting about the time and his work, he recalled his past. Suddenly the flow of thoughts was disturbed by something like whisper: “Turn...turn...a monster”. He turned around, but nobody was near him. A hallucination? It could be a wind, he thought, but he leaved the forest and returned to the Cross Academy. The gates were still not open, so he was not late.

to be continued...