It's the christmas season~

And holy shiz it came by quickly! I haven't gotten ANY of my shopping done, haha.

Well...I haven't updated much lately so I thought I would.

Seeing as how court with my mother is beginning to come to an end, I transfered from SFSU and came back home. I'm still going to school...but here in Sacramento until this whole court thing is figured out and other family matters, I suppose.

At this new college I only got into one class though ;^; so SAD! It's a lithography class +silk it'll be a fun class but it really isn't going towards anything which is kind of a bummer. IT'S OK THOUGH! I'm honestly really lucky I even got into a class.

I've been trying to find a job recently...but when you have no experience in the work field, no one wants to hire you xD. Luckily I get a few art commissions here and there so it pays for some things. That and my family is really supportive and helps me out a lot. So does Ben (aka Sam). So I'm just kinda chillin, appyling EVERYWHERE I possibly can haha.

What else...I've been realizing my artworks becoming darker and darker...^^;; I realize I used to draw cute lovey dovey things and what not, and now their demons and nightmares and all of the above XD. But gets me known on my accounts so it's cool with me! Plus the creepier the stuff is, the cooler it looks, ey?

I have no idea what else to write about...aside from life's pretty damn good considering what hell I'm put through 24/7. I've found that if you just don't let it get to you, then it really doesn't matter what happens! You have to learn to not give a crap and everything is smooth sail from there xD. For the most part anyway...I still have some emotional problems I have to deal with.

Anyway that's about it for now! laters