TheO meme

Why not? haha Stolen from Emotionalfreak

1. Type your full username.

2. Do you have other accounts? If so, what is the name(s) of it/them
Yeah. I have an FA: Zenokami DA: Zennyokami

3. What do you submit on theO?
Nothing honestly xD. I'm never here anymore. But I suppose I'd have to say my own drawings.

4. Out of what you submit most, what is the most popular piece?
I dunno, too lazy to check.

5. Are you surprised?
Surprised about what?

6. Who is your best friend on theO? I have no idea XD OH OH Touket Cx

7. Who is your enemy on theO?
I don't think I have any? I mean....I'm rarely on here lol.

8. Who do you admire on theO?
I have no idea.

9. When did you join theO?
A long ass time ago

10. Do you like theO?
It's alright. I've got more important things to occupy my life now...sooo.

11. Have any nicknames on here?
Zenzen, zenn, zenny

12. Belong to rps? If you do, names?

13. What do you usually do on here?
Creep >:)

14. Do you know anyone on theO in real life?
I've met Baka Red

15. Is a family member on here?
LOL no xD

16. Do you comment often?

17. Is there anything you wish you could take back involving theO?

18. If yes, what?

19. How much of your time is spent on here?
Like...30 minutes here and there xD. I'm NEVER on here.

20. Do you keep in contact with anyone on theO that you don’t know in rl?
Uhm, I suppose?

21. Something you LOVE about theO?
Uhm, the chatroom I suppose

22. Something you HATE about theO?

23. Something you wish you could change?

24. How many subscribers do you have?

25. Are you fine with that number?
Whatever I don't really care xD

26. Do you call people on theO with “Chan”, “Kun”, “San”, “Sama”, “Sensei”, etc.?

27. Do you know what any of those even are?
Yeah of course

28. Who do you talk to on theO the most?
Nana, LOL HEY I WAS IN YOUR MEME <3 Uhm, Baka, Touket

29. Does theO have a influence on your every day life?
No, sir/maam

30. What did you think of this 30 question meme?
It was fun I suppose xD