I think it's about time I fixed this up haha.

Anyway, hey, whats up in the world of The Otaku? My real name is Chloe, I'm 18 years old and currently attending college. If I were to describe myself...I would say I'm a rather confusing person to get to know. I can be fairly shy and in other ways very social. If I don't like you, I don't like you so don't even try to get me to like you. If I like you, you're a friend for life unless you do something to really hurt me. But thats reasonable, right? with that being said, I should say that normally I'm very friendly to begin with. I always believe someone should at least be given a chance unless proven that they don't.

I love to draw, write, dance and listen to music. I have a deviantart and Furaffinity account for my artwork. If interested in seeing any of it, let me know.

I'm pansexual...if you want to call me bisexual because that's more comfortable for you, go ahead. I'm taken by my awesome boyfriend, Sam. He is Transgendered FtM and we're happy together. No, he doesn't have an account on here..but I thought I would share. I'm pretty straight forward, so if you want to know something you're welcome to ask. I have a TMI Tuesday world for that. You're also welcome to just write me a note. I'm normally easy to talk to.
Uhm...YEAH! haha, I think thats it for now.

Summer stuff!!

Wow i was just thinking about summer and i realized how busy its going to bed. o3o. Its really busy, here are all the things i plan on doing in the 9 weeks of summer i have ;__;

1. Kobashi is coming up ^___^ gunna be flipping amazing (i love my boyfriend so much)
2. my other friend Sami wants to come up to see me too which will also be amazing.
3. somewhere in there i've got to get my permit sense i'm really behind (could of had her license for three months now -__-)
4. painting!!! i'm planning on painting on shirts and shoes and pants and stuff over the summer, help make my own wardrobe XD and i have to thank my good friend Opti for bringing the idea up. we are like two peas in a pod really. love you opti!!
5. camping somewhere in there lol
6. possibly...and job bwahah xD

so yeah thats my summer. flippin crazy.

Willus!! ;__;

Well guys, Willus is going to retire for a little while, i'm sure he'll be back! but i've had this avi for forever and i think its time to change it. Maybe he will stay if i can't find a good avi, but for right now he's going to take a break. but remember, he is in this room everywhere! so if you miss him, come here ^^ and i'm sure willus will be back someday!!

And another crappy week goes by

I've realized that lately I've been having really crappy weeks. This weekend was no fun, it was simply boring and filled with lonliness. Last week was a pain in the butt. Who knows how this week will be. I'm pretty sick of feeling down all the time. It's not fun...I keep feeling like I'm loosing people I love. Well ya....see ya.


Omg, Fanime is so close now its crazy! My friends and I are working really hard on our dance for the masquerade, its taking forever, but in the end I know its going to look great! We are dressing up as Bleach characters
Me: Ichigo (blackest ichigo there is *shot*)
Sierra: Yachuri
Carlie: Renji
Amber: Hutsugaya
My brother (joe): Kon
my sister-in-law (angela): Orihime
lol funny that all of us girls (except one) are dressing up as guys XD
Anyway is anyone going to fanime!? i'm getting together with Mello159 from the O and we are gunna parteh it all night long! WE are also gunna be break dancing like no tomorrow lol. Its going to be fun.

if you are going, look for a group of bleach characters. lol if you say Zen i'll probably respond!

quote of the day!

"TheO is like Eharmony for all ages." -Zenny

lmfao sorry i just had to!