I think it's about time I fixed this up haha.

Anyway, hey, whats up in the world of The Otaku? My real name is Chloe, I'm 18 years old and currently attending college. If I were to describe myself...I would say I'm a rather confusing person to get to know. I can be fairly shy and in other ways very social. If I don't like you, I don't like you so don't even try to get me to like you. If I like you, you're a friend for life unless you do something to really hurt me. But thats reasonable, right? with that being said, I should say that normally I'm very friendly to begin with. I always believe someone should at least be given a chance unless proven that they don't.

I love to draw, write, dance and listen to music. I have a deviantart and Furaffinity account for my artwork. If interested in seeing any of it, let me know.

I'm pansexual...if you want to call me bisexual because that's more comfortable for you, go ahead. I'm taken by my awesome boyfriend, Sam. He is Transgendered FtM and we're happy together. No, he doesn't have an account on here..but I thought I would share. I'm pretty straight forward, so if you want to know something you're welcome to ask. I have a TMI Tuesday world for that. You're also welcome to just write me a note. I'm normally easy to talk to.
Uhm...YEAH! haha, I think thats it for now.

quote of the day!

"TheO is like Eharmony for all ages." -Zenny

lmfao sorry i just had to!

Random picture of the day!

Idk why but i wanted to post this

I made this ^^ hehe tis a happeh watermelon

Video: Ideas please :D

Hey guys!
So, my friends and i love making videos. We get a kick out of seeing us being crazy especially when we do something halarious that we didn't know we caught on film :D

anyway, we need ideas >.< sooo if you have any ideas please comment or pm me!!!

also if you guys have any dares (i'm thinking about making a dare video) then comment or pm me some dares! Don't make them too crazy alright...don't make them be like... "Eat a piece of dog poo." >.< because we will just ignore that one. You know, be decent like. "Go outside in the snow and do carmelldancing (or however you spell it) in a tank top" or something like that. So you know, be decent >.< Anyway please give us ideas on videos and dares!!!

thank you!!!
i'll post the video up once its finished and thank everyone who pmed me or commented on this journal :D

worst day ever? I think so...

Wow i think today was the worst day i've never had, i'm not even lying either. I think it really was the worst day. You don't know how much life can suck till you experience a day like this and you kinda realize that life sucks and will always play tricks on you your whole life-unless you have an abnormally happy life, which for those of you who do. I'M HAPPY FOR YOU. But people out there like me who have their days but have more bad days then good....yeah i bet you know what i'm talking about.

Help on the willus comic

Hey guys, i need your help!
so i'm thinking about making a willus comic, beceause i'm taking a break from my "Seven sins." manga. I need ideas tho.

so basically i'm thinking of a one page comic strip every week of Willus doing something funny. But what funny things can a dinosaur do?? so if you guys have any ideas please let me know!!