I think it's about time I fixed this up haha.

Anyway, hey, whats up in the world of The Otaku? My real name is Chloe, I'm 18 years old and currently attending college. If I were to describe myself...I would say I'm a rather confusing person to get to know. I can be fairly shy and in other ways very social. If I don't like you, I don't like you so don't even try to get me to like you. If I like you, you're a friend for life unless you do something to really hurt me. But thats reasonable, right? with that being said, I should say that normally I'm very friendly to begin with. I always believe someone should at least be given a chance unless proven that they don't.

I love to draw, write, dance and listen to music. I have a deviantart and Furaffinity account for my artwork. If interested in seeing any of it, let me know.

I'm pansexual...if you want to call me bisexual because that's more comfortable for you, go ahead. I'm taken by my awesome boyfriend, Sam. He is Transgendered FtM and we're happy together. No, he doesn't have an account on here..but I thought I would share. I'm pretty straight forward, so if you want to know something you're welcome to ask. I have a TMI Tuesday world for that. You're also welcome to just write me a note. I'm normally easy to talk to.
Uhm...YEAH! haha, I think thats it for now.

Best buds (love you guys~)

I love you guys~ no the order doesn't matter I love you all the same D<
I'm just going by nicknames too here
Bro (firezero)
Ayumi <3
angelic smile
mira mira
idk who i'm missing but i feel like i'm missing someone..

I love my brother (my anti-depressant xD)

He really is like my anti-depressant. he just has to come over and I feel better. So I was talking to him on fb about who I've had an awful week and everything has gone extremely wrong. He lives really close to us now since we moved...actually like the apartment complex over. I had to cancel my plans because my grandma is high off pain meds so I have to watch her to make sure she doesn't fall down the stairs or something.... so he's like,
"Alright then i'm coming over and we are playing mario on your wii!" so...I think today will be okay..I freaking hope so.
He's going to steal me on Saturday and take me camping. so hopefully things will look up a little bit.

Darn it you guys I just love you too much

Because a good friend of mine wants to start over and fix things..I will not be deleting it for that reason. BUT this doesn't mean I'll be on more =/ this new school Im going to...is...really freaking hard...so I just wont be able to come on much.
Ya'll can still have my msn and stuff if you want-I'll be talking more through that than here. so I may idle from this a lot but I wont delete it.
and if i do delete it-it wont be as soon as i planned.


Been promoted again- cool.
though..it really doesn't matter anymore since I never come on here.

Vacation and stuff

Finally gunna be heading out soon. Visiting Sam also known as emofoxproductions and ayumishukketsu on here. It's going to be epic since its her 16th birthday. I almost got to visit Shayde and Linku but my dad said no :(. I promise though i'll come visit you guys once i turn 18-so...wait 9 more months xD. You too Kee!

The moves finally happened. Happened yesterday. It's weird, i feel like i'm on vacation more than anything. Not looking forward to a new school for my senior year Dx but it has to be done. Bah andI can't believe I'm a senior now, so crazy. I have to start applying for college in November!!! Anyway...lifes been okay, i've felt better and not so depressed lately which is very nice. Yep, thats really all...I suppose lol. Laters~