i decided tht the O. should no wht Zelda UO is i'll change the ep. everychance i get so ppl can watch well anyway enjoy ^.^ okay this is the ockward part SCOOT hasn't made nine yet ^.^'' Alrighty guess what Scooot did just watch the video and you might cry i almost did :D

Where SCOOT?

WAHHH i just check for a new WHOOKOS and it wasn't there he lied wwahhh
he better make more or dissopointed fans on this place will invade. when i heard zelda uo stoped i was devstated and if he stopes this to i'll be not happy plus you guys wont be happy right *pretends you say something*
alright come on SCOOT you can make one more


Okay you proably discorved by the video that SCOOT has created something new wich is WOOKOS and A:E. Well so far there one ep of each so i'm going to switch every week. Sound good?
okay have fun wacthing!