Life goes on, but it is not always “happily ever after.” New adventures await the YuYu Hakusho gang as they start new lives…as adults! Yusuke is a daddy! Kurama’s foxy siblings come to call! Hiei learns about his father! Kuwabara is pursuing education; but what keeps him from proposing to Yukina? All the while, trouble brews in Demon World as another tournament for the crown is around the corner!

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SAGA I : IMPENDING ELEMENTS (1-14) ~Special Edition Box Set~
SAGA II : GIFTS TO DEITY; Falling Rose (15-20); Spirit World Scandal (21-24); Revolution (25-28)

The Backroom asks to post the stories together...but since this whole world is for the Beyond! series, I will still post by episode so people know when I update. Episodes will be posted in order so they should be easy to find, and I'll *break* them like DVD chapters so there will be the first and second half of the episode, and a preview/recap before and after those. ENJOY!!!

Special thanks to Equus, Neko-san, and Zakuro Rose for editing. Added thanks to Neko-san for being the action specialist! XD

Episode 23: Conspiracy

Things may have seemed peaceful, but peace was not to be kept. Looking for his lost wedding ring, Yusuke returned to the Foliage Fortress only to be captured by the former SDF Captain, Ootake. Meanwhile, Kurama answered Koenma’s request for ...

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Episode 22: Incarceration

After discovering one of the Gifts to Deity, everyone returned to their almost-normal lives. After studying out the situation, Koenma had an assignment solely for one of the spirit detectives, while the other one asked Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama...

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Episode 21: Suspicions Arise

Previously, the world was under threat of destruction from the clones of Kurama, led by a female version called Rose. The other Kurama clones were destroyed, and Rose was dealt with by assimilating with Kurama. The earth was safe again, but as the...

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Episode 20: Split and Merge

Last time Kurama confronted the master mind behind Foliage Fortress, Rose, his female clone. Their skills and strategies were equal, dragging the fight on with the advantage to neither. Rose then revealed she could willingly transform into a fox d...

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Episode 19: Face to Face

Death threats and invitations brought the gang to the Foliage Fortress where one by one they were captured by their old friend Kurama. But as they learned, Kurama was not the one they were really against as the master mind revealed herself, anothe...

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