Alright dude, where's my work? I keep asking myself this. I mean, "Oh yea, I'm still a member on here" doesn't cut it. TWO YEARS and I have near nothing. My top world: 'Konosetsu and Yuri Club' is ranked 287 out of like 13000, but thats not good enough for me. ;P I've got to hit BOTH sides before I become tops. And soooo, here i come yaoi. xD Hellz yea, you gotta love both. ;)

So here's what I'm gonna do:

1: Post pictures of anime traps, yuri couples, yaoi couples

3: watch/rate anime/manga of any type until requested otherwise


If there's something I missed, tell me. I've got a whole world to create after all. I don't want to leave anything that might make this place more fun. ;D

Yuri ^^

this is cute!

Eren J. and Levi (YAOI)

Download link posted below:

^____^ Cute?

I actually like these two guys best from the yaoi couples. In fact, i loce the two zeroes(yuri couple) yamato and kouya most in the yuri faction, and for yaoi, i'd have to choose these two zero boys. They match in a fun, cute way. No objections, right? I'm not posting manly yaoi cuz IT IS SCARY.O___O I'm sticking with the cute stuff. ^___^"

<3 <3

I don't have time to make anything for this site, but i hope you like the small things i find here and there. :)


yea, yea. yaoi site, with no yaoi yet? ONLY yuri? contradicting much. well it does say "in contrast to" obviously i have MY prefferences. ;P But here you go, i'm, going to dedicate this on to the lovers of LOVELESS <3 ^___^