i dont really have prismas!!

hi all! just wanted to clarify something; i was confused, but now i'm not.

i dont actually have Prismacolor colored pencils, and neither does my sister; the pencils she does have just say "prismalo" on them, and me, having never seen a real Prismacolor before recently, thought it was a Prismacolor. yes im kinda dumb. yes prismacolor pencils are probably waay better than the ones i have. butt im happy with them. XD dont worry little pencils! auntie still loves you! X3


hey guys, ive kinda been gone for a while haha, ive drawn a lot more stuff so hopefull ill get that up soon. i recently replaced my computer and when i plug in my sister camera it wont let me view the files on it; hopefully ill figure that out soon. =]

oh i meant to ask you, whoever reads this! how old are you? im asking this question in general, because it seems like most people on this site are in college; im only a freshman in high school...^^;; soo if you or anyone else you know is around my age, or in college for that matter, comment and tell me about it ^^


Yay More Uploads!

Hi everybody!!

Well i got my sister's digital cam one day to take a picture of some stuff i drew on my driveway, and i took some pictures of other works ive drawn too. The "Mew Hazelnut" picture is a bit fuzzy so ill try to get a better version of that.
I'm posting two more today including the Mew form of Kitt, so keep an eye out for that. i mite start another world with her story too cuz i suck at panel drawing, otherwise i would have done a manga. well cya guys later i guess! plz comment, i love getting feedback. no flames tho, if u dont like it dont look at it. lol bye!




haha thank you lizinator03 for helping me discover the obvious. lol ill be posting more art soon hopefully so keep an eye out!! thank you to all who have subscribed to me! *hugs you all and hands out cupcakes



ARG!! I AM GOING TO KILL THEOTAKU!!!!! DX i spent so much time trying to frikin resize this artwork i did to get it down to less than 1 MB, and then it says ITS NOT IN FRIKIN JPG FORMAT!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!! HOLY CRAP!! WHYYYY?!? *rambles incoherently for a while*

*is calmed down now* whew....sorry about that major-freak-out -.- ...haha. well if anyone knows of a way to get a BMP file to a JPG file, please please please tell me!!