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Hey guys !! How are you?

So because many friends from DA which are part of my bgi group were wondering about different things i searched and searched and translated (thanks god there is google xD ) and here's the latest or not so latest news i found out :

  • As you may know chapter 59 can be read and was published as a draft because the author was sick/ didn't have time ~~ you cand download it here (english version)
    Thank you greenllamascans for translating! External Image

  • Volume 13 Coming in November 2011! - english version(will be available on shojobeat) (omg now i saw ... 2011 not 2010 >o< )

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    I'm 24 years old...
    ...but I still feel the same as I did at 17.
    I can feel the waves rushing towards me. This time I'm going to let the current take me. I'm going to chase after you like a child.

  • Bgi Volume 14 will be released on the 26th of August 2010.(in Japan i guess) More about volume 14 will be revealed in the September issue of Betsukomi.
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    something about volume 14 ? *sorry if I am not right – I used google translator to gain info ^^ and it was kind of awkward* warning SPOILER
    ~ understanding their true feelings after Takeuchi’s rejected proposal
    ~ they meet in 6 years (Yano and Nana I think) but remain in separation
    ~Takeuchi and Yano reunite
    ~Nanami and Yano again… ?

    Here's an original illustration book ♥
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  • Omg !!! look what a cute diary/calendar something I found ~~ ♥
    It has illustrations for each month of the year <3 !
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  • Here's an image .. i really didn't catch the ideea what book or what it is ~ will update soon !!

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  • Formal Fanbook xD this isn't that new thou

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  • And omg such a cool wallpaper <3 i love it ♥
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  • You can download it 1280x1024: