Wishes and Catchphrases

Credits to the owner

Judai’s ability outburst made Kuriboh discover her own wish for an ability. Mind Crushing some obstrusive guys would make the world much more secure but the gang has to deal with a catchphrase problem first.

Kuriboh : Can you make my wish come true, Atemu?
Atemu : What is your wish then? *smiles*
Kuriboh : I want to have Mind Crush abilities just like you. That would keep some idiots away…
Atemu : Your talking about someone I know?
Kuriboh : I’m not talking about Judai if you meant him!
Atemu : *smiles* I didn’t. Aibou believed in himself when he completed the puzzle. So just believe and it will come true.
Kuriboh : *blushes* Hehe. Alright, then it’s time to get my game on.
Judai : Hey!! That’s my catchphrase!!
Yusei : Ya’re really annoying at times Judai.
Sunny : Oh c’mon, Judai! No one can steal your words as long as they aren’t written on paper. And still it would be copying and not stealing!
Judai : Do I look as if I care? THAT’S MY CATCHPHRASE!!!!
Sunny : Fine, then it’s YOUR DAMN CATCHPHRASE!!!!! *screams at Judai*
Everybody : O__O
Kuriboh : Never saw Sunny like this…
Atemu : Yeah…odd…
Judai : *sweats* Umm..Cool, thanks…
Atemu : *sighs* Ignore him…
Sunny : *sighs* I need a drink.
Yusei : *gets a soda out of nowhere* Here’s a soda for ya. *gives it to Sunny*
Sunny : Thanks Yusei! *takes soda*
Yusei : *smiles*
Sunny : *blinks*
Atemu : Are you gonna chase him now?
Yusei : *frowns* Oh no. I forgot about that.
Sunny : Umm…I guess I can resist…At least I hope I can.
Yusei : *prepares to run off*
Atemu : *looks at Sunny curiously*
Sunny : *faints*
Atemu : O_O
Yusei : *relaxes again* I guess ya influence is stronger then.
Judai : Hey!
Kuriboh : *from afar* Did I see Yusei smile? *races towards us*
Yusei : *pale* No, Sunny just fainted again.
Judai : Heey!!
Sunny : Ouch!...
Kuriboh : Aibou, you’re ok?
Sunny : Yeah…*stands up* Where were you btw?
Kuriboh : Training my Mind Crush ability.
Sunny : Any success?
Kuriboh : Kind of. A bee wanted to attack me and I scared it away with an evil glare.
Sunny : Impressive…
Kuriboh : Are you making fun of me?
Sunny : I would never do that, Mou Hitori No Boku!!
Judai : HEEEEY!!!!! *screams*
Everybody : *jumps**turns around*
Judai : What about this fainting and Mind Crush thing? My catchphrase is more important!!
Everybody : *completely forgot about Judai*
Yusei : Seriously, Sunny’s right about that… *whispers to Sunny* What did you say again?
Sunny : *whispers back* I said it’s just copying and not stealing.
Yusei : Right…*clears throat* It’s just copying.
Judai : BUT STILL-!!
Yusei : I have a new catchphrase called “My motorcycle gives me super strength.”
Judai : But isn’t that Tristan’s catchphrase?
Yusei : Yeah, but I tweaked a little and it became my own. Neat, huh?
Judai : …SWEET!!!
Atemu & Sunny & Kuriboh : …
Atemu : *sweats* Judai’s lame joke virus is spreading…
Kuriboh & Sunny : *nods* Yup.
Atemu : *turns to face Sunny* Back to our fainting thing. My “let you faint” ability has more impact on you as Yusei’s “smile and cling” one?
Sunny : *sweats* Guess so…What does that evil smirk mean?...
Yusei : Of course it is. Didn’t ya see what happened after ya looked at her. My smile was like it never existed.
Atemu : You say mine is stronger? Just watch that Bakura then.
Yusei : What about him?
Atemu : He has a huge group of fangirls following him wherever he goes.
Judai : He must have hypnotic powers!!!!!
Tristan : *pops in* He’s a witch!! BURN THE WITCH!!!!!!!!
Atemu : Shut up, Tristan!
Judai : Yeah!! BURN THE WITCH!!!!!!!!!
Atemu : *sighs*
Kuriboh : Judai has become a second Tristan…
Atemu : …guess so
Yusei : Who’s the witch ya guys are talking about?
Sunny : And Yusei just became clueless…
Atemu & Kuriboh : …yeah!
Atemu & Kuriboh & Sunny : *sighs*

While Kuriboh has to train her Mind Crush abilities and Judai found out that his catchphrase will always be unique (*cough cough*) Bakura has to face the pyre…But maybe his hypnotic powers can save him…Who knows?