Looks VS Smiles

Credits to Atemfangirl28

After Sunny’s renturn the gang returned to it’s usual crazyness...especially Judai. But even Judai can be frustrated at times…

Atemu : *still looks at Sunny concerned*
Sunny : *becomes aware of Atemu staring at her* What?
Atemu : I’m wondering why you fainted. Are you ill or something?
Sunny : *blushes* Eh…Umm…No, I’m fine, really…
Atemu : *eyebrow twitches*
Kuriboh : Maybe it’s because you were staring at her.
Atemu : I didn’t stare at her. I looked at her in a very normal way!
Kuriboh : That’s the point! You really can knock out fangirls like us with your eyes.
Atemu : *looks at Kuriboh incredulously* Really?
Kuriboh : *faints*
Sunny : *catches Kuriboh* Here you got your answer.
Atemu : *sweats* Ok…Umm…never mind I asked. Y-You’re alright?
Kuriboh : *regain consciousness* Umm…oh yeah!^^
Yusei : Haha. You’re really something, Pharaoh.
Atemu : Heh, that’s two of us then. When you smile, fangirls start chasing you around as you look so smexy haha.
Yusei : Really? *smiles at Kuriboh*
Kuriboh : EEEEEEEK!!!!! HE SMILED!!!!!!!!!!! *starts to chase him*
Yusei : *sweats* !!! OMG YA’RE RIGHT!! I-I … I SEE YA LATER!! GOTTA RUN!! *runs off*
Atemu : Hehe… Have I not been right? Haha. *loos at Sunny* Aren’t you gonna chase him, too? Heh heh
Sunny : Umm…*tries not to faint* Ummm…no, I won’t run after Yusei…I think…Well, he didn’t smile at me.
Atemu : *smirks* Maybe I should ask him to smile at you?
Sunny : *blinks* No, you shouldn’t!
Atemu : *ignores Sunny**looks out for Yusei* Hey, Yusei!
Yusei : *struggles with Kuriboh* Huh?
Atemu : Smile at her! *points at Sunny*
Yusei : Are ya nuts?!! One more fangirl clinging to me?? NO!!
Atemu : *shrugs* Then I’ll look at you. *looks at Sunny, smiling*
Sunny : *blushes* …Ummm…*faints*
Atemu : It really works. *smirks*
Sunny : Ouch! *rubs her head*
Atemu : You’re hurt? I’m sorry…*helps her standing up*
Sunny : It’s okay. *blushes* Thanks…*is suddenly grim* You should smile more often. Why don’t you guys smile? Yusei and you, both of you always make a face like a dying duck in a thunderstorm!!
Atemu : *blinks*

Judai : *watched the scene with a grin on his face* SWEEET!! The gang is all back again!!
Sunny : *laughs*
Atemu : Umm…almost. Yusei is still on the run from Kuriboh for the moment. Heh heh, that’s fun to watch.
Yugi : You are always so wicked, Mou Hitori No Boku.
Yusei : *panting* I’m…back…with someone…clinging…to me…
Kuriboh : Yo! I can’t resist your smile, Yusei. He he You really should smile more.
Sunny : *looks at Atemu* …like I said!
Yusei : Heh heh…I can’t expose my signature to movement much. My smile is divine after all.
Atemu : So as my looks.
Judai : Man, I wish I had a something that fangirls like, too.
Kiruboh : You will have one, Judai. Haha
Everyone : *silent for a moment*
Kuriboh : For now, there’s one thing we should do.
Everyone : *smiles*

*group hug*

- after a while -

Sunny : It’s really good to be back. I missed you all so much. Especially you. *hugs Kuriboh tightly*
Judai : Oh, another group hug?
Sunny : *smiles at Judai*
Judai : *blushes* Umm…
Atemu : Seems like you got an ability just like Yusei. Maybe a bit weaker though…
Sunny : *blinks* Me? N-No. *blinks again* Really?
Yusei : *laughs* Yeah, you made him blush.
Kuriboh : EEEEEEEK! You smiled. *clings to Yusei*
Yusei : *sighs* …
Judai : *sweats* THAT’S UNFAIR!!!!!!!! I WANTED AN ABILITYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so the day ended with a frustrated Judai who didn’t get an ability, an irritated Yusei who can’t laugh without a special someone clinging to him, a sulky Atemu who isn’t allowed to look at a special someone because every time he does she faints and Sunny being happy because everything is the way it used to be.