Ups And Downs

Life can be hard at times...when the one dearest to you have to go away from your side for eternity. It's fate and we can't control them. Sunny have to leave the gang for a temperory in order to relief herself...from a shaking turnabout in her life.

Yugi : We five will be waiting for you!
Judai : Yeah! GOTCHA!
Yusei : I understand your place, however remember, we all be there for ya if you need anything.
Atemu : *switch with Yugi* Yeah. Till then, we will be waiting.
Kuriboh : Well Aibou, we will talk to you again soon when you feel better.

*mega group hug from me and the gang*

With the group hug, Sunny left...with a smile on her face.

- 3 days have pass, at the park -

Judai : Say Yusei, got any word on Sunny yet?
Yusei : Not a thing.
Judai : *sighs* Life's tough...huh..when losing your love one..
Yusei : ....*looks dazed*
Judai : *sweats* Umm s-sorry! Didn't mean to bring it up!
Yusei : *smiles at Judai* It's alright. I'm not angry. As long as I have ya guys, Jack, Crow, everyone...I won't be lonely. Ya guys..are my family.
Judai : *smiles*

- at night, Yugi's room -

Yugi : *looks down* Sunny..she will be okay..right?
Atemu : Yeah..give her time to pull herself together and she will be back as she is. Happy and cheerful like her Aibou, Kuriboh.
Yugi : *sighs* ...okay..
Atemu : *hugs Yugi* As for my Aibou, don't be down alright. I will be there for you. So..cherish me..every time you have and I will do the same for you.
Yugi : Mou Hitori No Boku...*hugs Atemu*

- next day, a call have been received by Yugi from Kuriboh -

Yugi : *shock* Really?! How is she?
Kuriboh : *other line* She's getting better as we speak.
Yugi : *happy* That's great!!
Kuriboh : *cheerful* Yeah, in fact, she wants to meet us later at the park.
Yugi : *happy* Cool! I sounded more like Judai now hehe. Alright! I will inform the rest on this and meet you there.
Kuriboh : *happy* Sure thing! Later!

- at the park -

Judai : *runs towards us* HEY!!!
Yusei : Cool Judai's here. YO!
Yugi : Hi Judai - kun!
Kuriboh : Hey!
Judai : *hyper* Is it true? Sunny's back? Is it?!! *shaking Kuriboh*
Kuriboh : Y-Y-Yeah!
Judai : *hyper* SWEET!!
Yugi & Yusei : *chuckles*
Sunny : *from afar* Hey!!
Yusei : She's here.
Kuriboh : *cheerful* Hi Aibou!!
Yugi : *happy* Hehe.

Judai : Cool! We are back baby!!
Yusei : *sweats* I the only one who is afraid of Judai right now with his irritating plans?
Sunny : *glomps Judai* Yeah, I’m back!! *lol*
Judai : Umm…wow…yeah, you’re back *sweats*
Sunny : *kisses Yusei on cheek* Thanks. *hands him chocolate*
Yusei : Oh, chocolate. Thanks but you shouldn’t have.
Yugi : Haha well glad you are feeling better.
Sunny : Thank you, Yugi. *hugs him*
Yugi : *blushes slightly* You’re welcome.
Kuriboh : *cheerful* Glad you're back Aibou! *hugs*
Sunny : *hugs Kuriboh* Hehe.

Atemu : *switch with Yugi* Yo! Glad that you're back and cheerful. *looks at Sunny*
Sunny (thinks): Uuuuaaaah, he looked at me!!!...*faints*
Atemu : O_O Are you ok?
Sunny : S-Sure.
Atemu : *looks at me concerned* Are you really ok?
Sunny : *nods* Yup. *blushes*
Sunny : *looks at Atemu hesitantly*
Atemu : *looks back*
Sunny : (thinks: Ah, screw the rules!!) *hugs him tightly* Thank you.
Atemu : *patpat* It’s ok. *hugs back*

Sunny is back with the gang and happy like herself. Now that the dark clouds have back to his hyper state which we kinda afraid of it a little.