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Atemu : Listening to music really relax your soul... huh Kaiba?

Kaiba : ..... yeah I guess...

YGOTAS - Leather Pants [Full Ver]

Marik's Back!!!! With a full length of Leather Pants song!!

A complete version of it have finally finished by LK.

OMG I laugh so hard listening and watching it haha XD!!

Enjoy this super special awesome video!!

Young Marik Wants To Be Out There --

[Credits to the owner]

Billy, I-I mean Marik, wants to be out there!!! Playing card games! Slaying people! Haha XD

It's so cute when he's singing hehe ^^

Well enjoy this musical by Billy, sorry..I mean Marik hehe ^^

10th Anniversary Abridged Trailer

Judai : Okay listen up, I'm a -
Yusei : He's a freaking gangster in this abridged trailer so..those under 12 yrs old...there's are some rough language that didn't censored like in LK abridged.
Yugi : Although it is funny...but bottomline, you have been warned! Especially mostly when Judai - kun is speaking.
Yusei : Yeah. So enjoy this short trailer while we both kick Judai's butt as he is annoying...
Judai : *gulp*

What Would Yugi Do?

I loved this episode so much!!! Really funny XDD!!! Atemu is really..funny haha XD.

Atemu : Aaahaha...I loved you Yugi...
Yugi : ..oh..umm..good...that's..good..
Atemu : I mean it..I love you.
Yugi : Next question please.

Haha XD. Anyway enjoy!

I came..to tell you that...

This video is so funny haha.


Enjoy the video