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Atemu : Listening to music really relax your soul... huh Kaiba?

Kaiba : ..... yeah I guess...

[MAD YuGiOhGX] Love & Join

This is one of my favorite YuGiOh GX videos. I love so much for the awesome effects and synchro flow according to the music. Really funny for some parts and overall - AWESOME!


Judai: *makes his signature pose* Hope you all enjoy the vid! GOTCHA!

YuGiOh OC - Heru's BackStory

Name: Heru
Race: Egyptian
Age: Unknown due to immortality stone (the green stone he's wearing)
Personality: Calm nature, understandable, deep thinker
Status: Duelist/Turbo Duelist, Traveller

Egypt Friends: (pharaoh)Atemu - in memory
Modern Friends: Yugi, Yusei, Judai, Yami Yugi/Atemu

Deck: Dragon / fire attribute
Key Cards: -

Trident Dragon (synchro)
Horus the Black Flame Dragon (lvl 3, 6, 8)
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Hand of Nephthys

Background Story:

Heru's family is a poor yet studies the forces of sorcery in secret. They have been worshipping and look up to the Pharaoh Atemu (Atemu have been crown as Pharaoh in this time). His family have been approach by the Pharaoh and were chosen to be protected under him. From that day on, Heru's family life have change to a better environment - one of the members of Atemu's royalty. Heru was then given birth in the palace at night a few days later..however, the night turn into disaster when the Evil God Zorc have brought destruction to Egypt. Huge flames engulf the palace as Heru's mother trying to get out of the flames with Heru in her arms.

The evil spirits came to attack her. Because of the Immortality Stone which enable her from death, she strive forward taking countless death slashes from them until finally she came to collapse near the outskirts of the palace crumbled walls. She watches as two lights of light and darkness spiral up in the night sky, absorbing all the darkness and evil spirits with it. Following the light stream with her eyes, she saw as the Pharaoh's soul is release from his body with force. The lights combined and suck into the Millennium Puzzle. With that, the Pharaoh drops to his knees and collapse to the ground, laying coldly without a breathe. Heru's mother cried to see him sacrifices his own life just for his people..and for all the kind-heart treatments he had bestow to her family when troubled. The flames around her tremendously increase and becomes more intense. See into the raging flames, she spoke in a soft voice, "alive...the Great Pharaoh..is still alive...". She look at the baby with a warm smile, "he is still alive...Pharaoh Atemu..our divine king...our God.."

She pull herself with her remaining energy to a collapse rocks from the fire. She hold up the baby and kisses gently to his forehead. "this will be the last time we will be together..however my memories will forever be with you within the family pendent". She hold up the Immortality Stone and cries. "With this around your neck, time is unlimited around you..death is nothing and the memories of people I met, will be stored and transfer into your mind. You are not alone my precious...find..find the Pharaoh in the distant future. He shall lend you his aid...". She placed the baby in the hole safe from the raging flames. She took out the pendent slowly and place it around the baby. With the stone removed, the unbearable pain she sustain returns tremendously, she collapsed facing her baby. She stares with her tears dripping down to her side with flames closing into her. "These flames..the flames of the divine Sun God..has come to take me...to the afterlife...*reaching her arms forward slowly to her baby* ...goodbye my son...Heru".

*With nothing but flames around her, she have come with a name which symbolised the name of sun/fire God, "Heru" (meaning Sun God).

Now, Heru have been searching throughout the years, for the Pharaoh, Atemu. As the era changes to Duel Monsters, he slowly adopted to the modern life and become a Duelist. He soon met up with Yugi. To his surprised, Heru does not know that Yugi is Atemu's reincarnation especially when he is shock when Yugi switch with Atemu. Heru couldn't believe his eyes that he finally met up with him after more than 3000 years he have travel, searching for him.

**In my yugioh crossover fanfic, Heru has evolve and become a Turbo Duelist as well which he then make friends with those closest to Atemu/Yugi - Judai and Yusei. A new story to intro him within the gang will be created one day.

**I will deleted and remake one new world for a fanfic revolving Heru's life when he finally met up with Atemu one day.

YGOTAS - Season 3 ep 47 yay!!


The epicness! Everything! And..free hugs by Yami Marik! (if you dare to...).
LOL Yami Marik wants to know what "free hugs" in German is XD.
Not to mention the villains, YuGiOh style of Team Rocket (from Pokemon) haha XD.

Well enjoy this super special awesome video!

Clear Mind - Shooting Star Dragon OST

Shooting Star Dragon Synchro Summon Theme Song FULL.

Clear Mind by Masaaki Endoh.

To view image of it, visit here:-


Enjoy the song

The King of Rhymes w/ lyrics

Sing a long people!!


Alright Yugi check it out it's Jaden from GX.
And sad to say dogg you're my new test subject.
So listen up, here it it, the awesome challenge I suggest.
Who ever spits the best rap outta' you and me will be the best.
duelists in the world and the'King of Games'.
You know I got you beat but homie don't be lame.
This is serious, you gotta' do it, your title says you have to.
If you decline a challenge by default that means I beat you.
Yugi I hope you're ready, cos this is gonna' be heavy.
I know you might think it's unnecessary,
but that's tough, suck it up dogg, it's something that you gotta' do.
Or you could leave and loose your throne, it's up to you.


Prime! (mouth noises) Cut! (mouth noises)
Miggidy-mo-mac-daddy (Whuzzup!)
I said a jizzah bang. (Boom boom boom!)
Duh-diggy dog
I said-a-dog. (A dog)
A-dog (A dog)
A-diggity dawg!
Hey whatcha say, Jay. Okay, your repartee's cliche.
Forget trading cards, you should just take up ballet.
You wanns duel, don't act the fool,
or I'll just tell you bitch please!
The only consolation here is you're not from 5D's.
So play the damn card, punk. Cause it's time to throw down.
I'm glad it's one on one because all your friends are clowns.
Can't wait to see your face turn to sheer disgrace,
when I duel your punk ass right outta' this place.
My name is Yugi Moto!
Said your show's really lame.
Each episode's the same, yes they are.
Now get yourself set to be ashamed
by the King of Games. (Gaaames ~)

[Jaden] - phase 2

You're 'bout to witness me be absolutely flawless.
The best kind you'll ever see, I'm being honest.
I'm the hardest, the most purest, known artist.
And oh, FYI Yugi?....I've been taking ballet for 6 years regardless.
But let me lay you something fresh dogg, what I'm gonna' do,
I'ma tell you something that's a hundred percent true.
You're not the King of Games homie, no sorry, not you.
It's your weird egyptian friend that's stuck inside you.
You're a lazy sucker, he does all the work for you.
Then you claim the fame for all the shiz and stuff he do.
What you even doing being inside him anyway?
Everyone agrees dude, that is pretty gay.


I'm the mother flippin' King of Games.
My hair's spiked, and my pants are really tight.
And I'm sexy (I'm sexy!)
If you choose to defend, I'm gonna condescend.
Cause my Dark Magic Attack will drive you straight round the bend.
I've got God Cards I won from Battle City.
Don't believe me? Listen carefully to this ditty.
And by the way your cards are shi**ty.
And so's your show!
Watch what happens when Slifer takes on Winged Kuriboh.

[Celtic Guardian]

They call me the, Celtic Guardian
My lyrics will blow your cranium'...Um.. Uh..


Oh come on, Dave.

[Celtic Guardian]

I'm thinking! Um... Uh...


Ugh. And he wonders why I never summon him.

[Celtic Guardian]

Hang on here, I think I got it.
They call me the Celtic Guardian.
Stronger than titanium, sharp as a comedian.
Here I am. Sold out all the stadiums.
I'm not a lower class dueling monster
Where did you get that ridiculous concept-i-on?
Did Blue-Eyes White Dragon tell you that?
F*ck the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! ...Seriously.


My trap and spell cards they don't make sense,
because their card descriptions are so immense.
And if you duel with me you it won't be tense
becuase against my monsters you've no defense.
My cards are so potent I might seem conceited.
In fact all of my opponents could swear that I cheated.
Sure, sometimes Yugi and I swap places.
But who cares? So long as my enemies have egg on their faces.
Other duelists diss me. Say my cards are sissy.
Why? Why? What Wha-Why? Why exactly? Why?
There's nothing girly about the Dark Magician Girl.
And only real men use Watapon!
Jaden, let's face it, you're second best!
I'm sending you straight back to Yu-Gi-Oh GX!
Your deck's unbalanced and your hair's a Kuriboh.
Hey, Ho.

I'm the motherflippin'

[Joey] - He's the motherflippin'

[Tea] - He's the motherflippin'

[Tristan] - who's the motherflippin'?


I'm the motherflippin'
I'm the motherflippin'
I'm the motherflippin'

Motherflippin' !