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Atemu : Listening to music really relax your soul... huh Kaiba?

Kaiba : ..... yeah I guess...

YGOTAS Party 2

They are so cute and funny hehe
I can't find the first one though...but I will post up if I did.


YGOTAS Ep 49 - The Incredible Hobson

[insert High School Musical 1] "Soring~ Flying~ ...."

Haha I so love this episode so much

I love how Kaiba, Yami and Yugi talk in this episode. Make me laugh so hard!

Yugi: "That door just bitchslap me!"

Yami: "Oh lovely, a rejected puzzle from the Professor Layton game...that's just fan-tucking-fastic...

Yugi: "I challenge you, the door, to a duel!"
Yami: "of course..."

YGOTAS Ep 48: Penguin EX-Machina

Just one phrase: "SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME!!!"
In Kuriboh way of speech....

Kuriboh: La la la la la!!

So epic! Haha enjoy people!!

The Epic Conclusion - Kaiba's Father

It's time...Kaiba's True Father is finally revealing!

You all wanna know? Then watch this video!

Enjoy this super special awesome video!

Fukkireta Seto Kaiba

Kaiba: WARNING! What you losers gonna see will make you either go...*making expressions* this - O_O, faints, nosebleed, "WHAT THE-!"...etc...I'm not gonna do all of them you got me! *blush and looks away* ...i-ignore my beautiful pic of me... Umm...enjoy.