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Atemu : Listening to music really relax your soul... huh Kaiba?

Kaiba : ..... yeah I guess...

Evil Council 4

Whoa...Melvin's in the house and he's killing people...*shivers*..

And as usual...Dartz and his gang are thinking dirty lol! XD

He and his rainbow hair, speech and his way of doing evil always crack me up haha! Enjoy the killing and fun!

Marik's Evil Council 3

Haha this is so funny that I keep LOL especially when Dartz and his gang are talking.

Dartz: "We're going to doooooo~ it!"

Hahaha~! XD

Enjoy the council!

[LK] YGOTAS Season 0 Ep1

LK have finally done the abridged series for season 0 yay!!!!

Atemu: Yugi~....it's me, your fairy GodMother~.. ( LOL XD )

I really love it and it's so funny XD
Evil and psycho Yami/Atemu FTW!!!

Enjoy the video!

YGOTAS Ep 50 - Objection!

Court in session!! Joey the Ace Lawyer VS The JudgeMan!!

Haha I really LOL to all the people giving testimonies especially Kuriboh even Baby Atemu XD
Enjoy this awesome vid!!

YGOTAS Party 3

LOL I sooo love this a lot! I laughed so hard at Marik and Bakura whenever they try to play a drinking game. I wanna join the party too~!!

Anyways, enjoy the awesome party people!!