Heya guys ^^
i wanted to put up a story world, so here it is *^*. no, it's not just gonna be one story. there are going to be multiple. in fact, here are a few spoilers for the upcoming stories i plan to write:

An awesome book

The Stitchez

Short stories

etc. whatever. i am so looking forward to the 'awesome book' one. probably my best story i have ever created!!!
anyways, anyone can join this world. if anyone wants to, just comment or PM me ^^ in the mean time, enjoy reading!

A Safe Place auditions??

Yeah you guys are allowed to put characters in it. This is also so I know people are actually reading this.
And yes, Angelise is still in there.

I'll need:

Full name:
Preferred name:
Relationship with the Stitchez (optional):
Usually wears:
Quote (Optional):

A Safe Place rewrite

YES I am rewriting the story.
YES I have improved on my writing skills.
YES that's the reason why I'm doing it.
NO I don't think I'm gonna continue the original version.
Be excited! New characters, new plot twists, an actual ending is planned! Okay not really. But I'll think about one!!

News about A Safe Place

I'm moving the story over to Wattpad. All parts are there and it's easier to read there. Please feel free to visit it by clicking the following LINK

A Safe Place...? part 32

I dodged another fire attack and the dragon let out an almighty roar. It charged at a group of people and they all dodged out of the way. And just like that, Grimm and V appeared from nowhere. "WHOA SHIT" Grimm dodged some fire just in...

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A Safe Place...? part 31

After taking a few scared glances from Jakob and Max, Grimm was ready to explode with laughter. But he kept it in and skipped over to V. "Yo, V!" He giggled. "What now, Grimm? I'm kinda busy right now" V was busy trying to make Raggdol...

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