"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."

hi there! you've come upon a world that was created to make you smile! this world is for all the people who are having a bad day. life pushing you down? well, get back up! i'm here to encourage you, to show you that you're not alone. oh, and to also tell you that your smile is beautiful.

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so in my vanilla sweetheart world, I posted about my grandma's death and my abrupt trip to India. But I didn't get to tell you how great of a reality check it was, and how much it showed me to be grateful for every single thing I have.

Ever heard of the phrase, "Count your blessings?" Honestly, just because you're not Christian doesn't mean you don't need to apply it to your life. It is a great piece of advice that will definitely help you on your journey of becoming a better person, cuz it sure is helping me.

There are different parts of India, but the place where I live in is poor. Not really poor, but coming from America, I see it as poor. At first, since we were all getting ready for the funeral and during it, I didn't really see it. But after the funeral, it was like my eyes opened to the things that I was seeing. The kids there, they have so less, yet their grateful for what they have. They don't cry for foolish things, or curse their parents when they don't get something they want. They just understand that they have more than enough and keep on going with life.

Now, I'm not a spoiled brat or anything, but I always had that thought of wanting more. More shoes, more clothes...and when my parents didn't get me what I want, I wouldn't scream, but I'd feel a bit sad. But here are kids in India who wear their parents clothes to school, who live on one pair of shoes, who never know when the electricity might go off or the water runs out, whose birthday never gets celebrated.

We visited this family and honestly my mind was tearing me apart. Their house was pretty torn down, chairs full of dust, roof rusted and useless. There were two girls, one in college. Their father, the doctors told them that he could die anytime. So he's jobless, the mother the one working really hard to support her poor family. I compared that family to my family, and I seemed like a princess.

The thing is, maybe I don't have everything I want, but I do have everything I need. Family, love, happiness, friendship...and if we can find gratefulness through all these things, I'm sure you can also feel happier as well. Just try this: Whenever you feel as if you have nothing, either mentally or on a piece of paper, write all the things you have. Number it. You'll be amazed at how much things you should be grateful for. Because there are billion, billion of kids who have nothing at all. Yet somehow, they are happy.

I'm sure us, who have so much blessings, we can also find comfort and be grateful as well.

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I really don't have any time to post a paragraph or anything, but I really wanted to post something.

This link, CLICK ME is a cute little step-by-step guide to the path of true happiness. Believe me, everything it says is true. I'm also trying to do all these things for the better of me and others. Soon, I'll write a post of my struggle to happiness.

Till then, I wish you guys the best in everything! You are all loved, so don't ever feel alone. Do what you think is right, and most importantly, believe in yourself. Keep smiling! :)

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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

You say all these things, "Oh, I want peace in the world. No more fighting! I wish people were nicer. I wish people would stop bullying." You want to see all these changes right? But lemme ask you.

Why are you waiting for someone else to make those changes to happen?

Oh, so you're all talk, but no actions? You don't like bullying, but when you see someone bully someone, you don't do anything about it? When you see you're friends getting hurt, you don't do anything because you don't want to get involved?

And that's where the problem lies. We need to think these things, but also be able to take action as well. So what if you think you're not great, you're not a leader, your actions don't influence anyone. Because here's the truth: You are great. You are a leader. Your actions do influence many. They say one person can't change a world. Look at Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa. These people, they are all ONE person, and they all decided they want to make a change, they wanted peace.

What I'm trying to say is, you can do it. Don't think that you have to be something to change something. Your words are very powerful, and so is your emotion. If you know what is right, even if you stand alone, what you're doing is so, so ahmazing.

Always, always remember, that you can make a change.

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when will you reallySMILE.

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so lately i've been realizing just how many people fake smiles.

to get through life.

to hide their feelings.

so they won't need to talk to anyone.

because they have no one to talk to.

they feel as if no one cares anyway.

they don't want others upset.

and many, many other reasons.

on a personal level, i do this a lot too. if i'm ever upset, no one would ever know, because i don't want people worrying about me. i don't want to ruin their day. so i'm happy. usually it's genuine, but i have my moments where i'm going through things, yet telling someone isn't an option, or i just don't want to. so i fake a smile. people who see me, they see me as a happy girl with no troubles in the world.

but that's not true, because every single person in the world has troubles of their own.

what makes us different from each other is if we take it out on the world or not.

will we make other lives hell because of what we're going through? yell and scream at the ones who are only trying to help? hurting yourself and not realizing what you are slowly doing?

or will we be strong? let life push you down, but get right back up? be there for anyone and everyone who is having difficulties with life? believing in yourself that you can get through this?

will you hide behind that fake smile, or will you conquer each obstacle in life and show the world your real smile?

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smile like no other.

so you know how people say a smile can literally change someone? It can.

I know in your busy scheule, sitting on that couch deciding which anime or drama you should watch next, or maybe you really are busy with school, or maybe you have waaaay too many problems in your life. I know, it gets hard, and eventually you're like, "Smiling? What the heck is that?"

○ ○ ○ ○

But you know, if you take out all the problems that conquer your life, and if you just smile, you instantly feel just slightly happier? It's crazy! Whenever you think you feel like you're gonna die, trust me and just smile. Think about a happy memory, a family gathering, your first crush and those feelings and just smile.

○ ○ ○ ○

and here's a great thing about smiling. when you smile, you. look. beautiful. i don't care what anyone says, you are beautiful when you smile. They say that a girls looks beautiful with just a smile on and I agree to the fullest. You don't know who could be falling in love with that smile of yours! :)

○ ○ ○ ○

and lastly, smile at other people. you don't know what other people are fighting through in their lives. Maybe they feel unwanted, sad, depressed, mat at the world. But I'm sure your smile can save them. It's a quick gesture, but if anyone smiles at me, I instantly smile back. It's a beautiful thing like love and happiness. Next time you see someone, smile. :)

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