RP's aren't always RP's.

We sometimes contemplate serious things, too. XDD Outside of our characters, I mean. Here's a piece... minus the actual RP that was going on. XDDD

Shiro= me, TheDarkAngel
Kaze= RazingPhoenix
Ally= xoMiharuChanxo


Shiro: (Maybe that's why she's so rebellious, she's got nothing left to lose. )

Kaze: (Maybe. That is kinda sad when you think about it that way.... T^T)

Ally: (It is...But, hey. *shrugs*)

Shiro: (Nothing ever exists in just one light. )

Kaze: (Very true...)

Shiro: (This is why War is so detrimental. You might see one side as good, but someone else sees your side as the wrong one. Everyone has a different point of view, so conflict is inevitable. The same thing is true for single persons. )

Kaze: (Yosei, why you so wise? XDDD)

Shiro: (Because, I am told I have an old soul. XDDD Whatever the hell that means. No, I just have an open-mind and when I can't sleep at night, these are the things I lay awake thinking about. )

Kaze: (Wow. Those are some deep thoughts to think about. I used to think about the meaning of life when I was in high school... because I had no one to talk to. XD)

Shiro: (D'awww!!! *hugs* Wanna know what the meaning of life is? Or, at least what I think it is? )

Kaze: (Yeah, sure! I probably have forgotten what I came up with, but let's hear it~! XD)

Shiro: (There isn't one.)

Kaze: (NO WAY.)

Shiro: (Everything is just happenstance. Humans, for some bizarre reason, like to try and make things out to be bigger than they really are. We have deities and myths and reasons for everything. But, at the core of it all, nothing matters. Things are just... happening. Things are just... doing what things do. Why should there be logic behind it? Why do humans feel compelled to explain everything? *shrugs* )

Shiro: (Smurph! What're your thoughts on life? DEEP THOUGHTS! I bet your's are DEEP! Because you and Razi are so brilliant!!! )

Kaze: (Well... what I always thought, was that there was no meaning to LIFE itself, but there is a meaning to one's own life. Everyone has their own reasons for going on and on as they do... which might explain why humans seek reasons for everything. There may be some twisted logic behind it, but as far as we know, we're just here living. To me the meaning of life is as big as one makes it out to be. To some it is small, others large and important. Some also tend to think they must make something out of their life... when really, people live and die all the time. The meaning of life is continuous, whether or not humans remain.)

Shiro: (I had that thought before, too. :P I liked it, since it was more optimistic than what I've thought of since. I suppose there are multiple points of view on it. But... as stated earlier, nothing exists in just one light. Point proven. XDD )

Ally: (Never really thought of it. .___.)

Shiro: (Really? You've never given it thought? Huh... )

Ally: (Noooo. Only because I'm on an iPod and can't copy and paste this entire thing...And yeah, guess I really haven't...^^;;;)

Shiro: ( Damn iPods... Oh. Well, now you have something to think about. B3 XDD )

Kaze: (Ohohohoho~!)

Ally: (thinking...Just what I wanted to do on my last week of vacation...:P)

Kaze: (You so evil, Yosei! XD)

Shiro: (Keh heh heh. Evil and brilliant. Two things that should never mix. >3 *blows up his own ego* XDDD I'm kidding. )

Kaze: (And... I think if we combine our thoughts on the meaning of life, Yosei, I think we might have something! XDDD)

Shiro: (Oh? What's that? :D I WANNA HEAR IT! LAY IT ON ME!!! )

Kaze: (Nothing, just saying, life is continuous. And everything is happenstance, but each decision and movement affects everything else. It's like the Domino Effect! It goes on and on until... the last one falls.)

There was more after this, but not much. XDD Oh...