Hey, fellow Anime/Manga lovers! It's TheDarkAngel here! AKA Yosei! WooT!

So, here's my World Page designed especially for me. For those of you who aren't familiar with me, I'm an aspiring Manga-ka (at least in my own mind) and I enjoy many things in life, including, but not limited to: sword-fights, squirrels, lingual jokes, shiny rocks, and strawberries.

Also, I was born in Texas, but raised in Montana. No, I don't ride horses, or boil water over a campfire to heat it, and as a matter of fact, I hate Westerns! I don't have an accent (y'all) and I don't wear a ten-gallon cowboy hat with chaps. I'm a normal, everyday average citizen of America... who wishes he were somewhere else. XD I'm also agnostic, so don't come preaching to me about anything, okies? And, I won't throw you down a well, okies? Yay! Friends!!!

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"You have to be realistic about terrorism. Certain groups of people, certain groups, Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana, are going to continue to make life in this country very interesting for a long, long time."

~George Carlin

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Well, hope you enjoy your visit and sayonara for now! ^_^

~Yosei (TheDarkAngel)

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Had a great weekend!

Went and hung out with a new friend along with Saya-chan. We all stayed up late watching Full Metal Alchemist and Ouran High School Host Club. That was great hilarious fun~!

Stayed at Saya-chan's house and watched Paul. The movie about that alien, y'know? Awesome movie. I enjoyed it.

Best thing ever:

Let's see. We also played some Dragon Age 2. I like Fenris. =w=b

Then, came home and cleaned my room and stuff so some lady can show up in half an hour from now and praise the house. It's gonna go up on the market, yo. I wanna move into town~! >_<

But, my great weekend was ruined recently.

The last few weeks, I haven't been able to go see the b/f at his house as I have been expected to help out around the house here so we can get it ready to sell.
And, I guess the b/f's mom... has never really liked me? I mean, I know when we first started dating 2 years ago, she didn't much like me. But, I thought we'd moved past that and that I'd gotten onto her good side. Guess not.

And, it's not for a good reason, either. I was talking to the b/f and when he told me, I was like, "Well, I can work on that. I can become a better cook! I can get more cultured! I'll do anything it takes!"

And, it turns out. She doesn't like me because she doesn't think I'm attractive enough for her son.
Wonderful, she picks the most vain thing, and the ONE thing I really can't change about myself, to hate about me.

But, worse thing is, she's been taking advantage of my absence to feed my boyfriend lies about me. Things like, "He comes over less because, he's obviously cheating on you. You can do better."

That... really hurts. Really.
My boyfriend's last relationship ended because his ex cheated on him. It's a seriously touchy subject for him, y'know?
And, he knows me better than that. Of course, he's turned a blind eye to his mother's "persuasions" and he knows I'm loyal, and he says he finds me attractive.

I just can't believe that an educated woman like her... would be carried away so easily by... vanity. I mean, I'm not a model. But, I'm not ugly either. I know that much.
And, she's always saying she would prefer that people TALK.
Well, why is she saying this shit behind my back and trying to poison our relationship? Why can't she just come out and say it all to my face? Is she scared of me? Scared of what I'll do, or say?

I mean, I hate vain people. And, I hate cowards even more.



This made me smile to watch, I don't know why... so random!

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Forgot to do my Diabetes Log last night. XDD It might've been because I was distracted by a drawing I was working on. It's on my DA here.

BUT! I have been keeping up with my monitoring!
I had a low sugar the night before last. So, it was midnight and I was sucking down milk and eating spoonfuls of Nutella.
I also had two low sugars today, one in art class (because I missed lunch) and one after I dropped the sister off at mom's work (probably because of the one I had earlier, then I tried to correct the large amount of Dr. Pepper I drank, but I guess I didn't need it... it just snowballed. OTL)

I'm better now. :3

Last night was stressful. The night before was stressful. I think tonight, though, will be alright. I wanna do another hour-long doodle like the link I posted above. I'll probably wait 'til later, though.

Other than that, it's been rather quiet. I even got my Geography homework done for next week! :3 I'm feeling productive, I might actually just do these requests from IRL friends (They wanna pay me, tho'...) tonight. XDD

Well, off I go~!

Almost signed off as Shiro...

Stop it, Shiro. Stop it.
Yosei is your human name. *brick'd* (You'd have to be Angelo to get this)

Stress... who invited you?

My mom and sister are fighting.

I miss my dad.

We thought mom's car was fixed. It's not. Got her hopes up, then the car died in town and we had to have it towed.

Now, the mom and sister are fighting because the sister really wants to get her way and not have to walk and ride the bus for school. But, mom recently got the best time slots for work, she'd be home earlier... take an earlier lunch... it'd be healthier for her diabetes...

And the sister is just selfish.

Well, I'm gonna go do more job-searching. Anyone interested in commissioning me?


AKA Shiro