Hey, fellow Anime/Manga lovers! It's TheDarkAngel here! AKA Yosei! WooT!

So, here's my World Page designed especially for me. For those of you who aren't familiar with me, I'm an aspiring Manga-ka (at least in my own mind) and I enjoy many things in life, including, but not limited to: sword-fights, squirrels, lingual jokes, shiny rocks, and strawberries.

Also, I was born in Texas, but raised in Montana. No, I don't ride horses, or boil water over a campfire to heat it, and as a matter of fact, I hate Westerns! I don't have an accent (y'all) and I don't wear a ten-gallon cowboy hat with chaps. I'm a normal, everyday average citizen of America... who wishes he were somewhere else. XD I'm also agnostic, so don't come preaching to me about anything, okies? And, I won't throw you down a well, okies? Yay! Friends!!!

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"You have to be realistic about terrorism. Certain groups of people, certain groups, Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana, are going to continue to make life in this country very interesting for a long, long time."

~George Carlin

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Or, check out our DeviantArt page [Shiro-Jinja] that Angelo (Fai no Tenshi) and I share!

Well, hope you enjoy your visit and sayonara for now! ^_^

~Yosei (TheDarkAngel)

My current obsession:

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Lol, I lied.

Couldn't resist, princess!

An opportunity to get free stuff? And, all one has to do is write here? Dude... if you don't do this, you either A) don't care for the free stuff or 2) a jellyfish who doesn't have internet... XDDD

Good luck~!


So... [EDIT]

Well... it's Wednesday and currently 6:20pm... over an hour past 5.

Still no phone-call.

Really depresses one when even a fast-food restaurant doesn't call back after the first interview you've had in over a year.

Feel like I dressed up and went in well-prepared, but it may have been all for naught. Wasted my own gas. Time.

Well, I'll just go sulk over this for the night, then pick myself back up in the morning and keep looking.

Another year where I won't be getting my boyfriend a b-day gift, it looks like. Gods, I hate being broke. I miss food. Real food. Not fucking PB&J sammiches I make the morning before I go to school.
And paying for my own gas.
I miss that, too.



A friend who also applied checked today and, as it turns out, the manager had to go out of town suddenly, so THAT'S why there have been NO phone calls at all. She's still gotta make 'em. I still have a chance! >w< *stays hopeful*



After all the hard work, walking in, and phone-calls, I FINALLY GOT A CALL BACK and I have a job interview tonight at 6:30~

It's fast food, but I already know it's gonna be better than McDonald's was and it's also far better than nothing. >_<

OMG, wish me luck~!


This is where I'm stranded

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This is where I'm snowed-in. XD At Saya's house.

We got, like, 2 feet in 48 hours and another foot is projected to fall tonight, and after ice forms... *sigh*

At least I get to go home tomorrow... hopefully... <_<;;;


Livestream (off)

Thanks for coming, those of you who could~! Sorry it was a relatively unproductive evening. I was mostly experimenting and seeing how things go. If you're interested in seeing for yourself, you can still check out the link below and watch the video. I saved it. XDDDD


My first session ever~! Be kind! >_< I'll just be experimenting with some shades on a WIP I've got running. :3 Come join me and keep me company~!


AKA Shiro_Jinja