Hey, fellow Anime/Manga lovers! It's TheDarkAngel here! AKA Yosei! WooT!

So, here's my World Page designed especially for me. For those of you who aren't familiar with me, I'm an aspiring Manga-ka (at least in my own mind) and I enjoy many things in life, including, but not limited to: sword-fights, squirrels, lingual jokes, shiny rocks, and strawberries.

Also, I was born in Texas, but raised in Montana. No, I don't ride horses, or boil water over a campfire to heat it, and as a matter of fact, I hate Westerns! I don't have an accent (y'all) and I don't wear a ten-gallon cowboy hat with chaps. I'm a normal, everyday average citizen of America... who wishes he were somewhere else. XD I'm also agnostic, so don't come preaching to me about anything, okies? And, I won't throw you down a well, okies? Yay! Friends!!!

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"You have to be realistic about terrorism. Certain groups of people, certain groups, Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana, are going to continue to make life in this country very interesting for a long, long time."

~George Carlin

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Or, check out our DeviantArt page [Shiro-Jinja] that Angelo (Fai no Tenshi) and I share!

Well, hope you enjoy your visit and sayonara for now! ^_^

~Yosei (TheDarkAngel)

My current obsession:

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So much to do...

H'oh, boy...

So, I worked 20 hours this weekend. .__. Yep, 11 hours on Saturday and 9 on Sunday. Our Shift Leader was sick, so they asked me to cover. So, I did her job, plus mine. ^^; I'd never been a Shift Leader before, so I had to learn REALLY fast some of the things they do, like returns and exchanges and such. It was so hectic and stressful! But, I got through it. I hope I did well enough for my other bosses!

On top of that, I've just had no time for myself lately. After work, I had a TON of homework to do, as well as a test tomorrow that I had to study for. And, then my Japanese teacher assigned 8 pages of homework tonight due tomorrow AND some little kaiwabun we have to memorize. OTL Yeah...

At least my homework is done.

OH! And, my last class, Geography, was about to start today and the fire alarm suddenly went off! I still don't know why, but I guess we'll find out on Wednesday. XDD The firemen and police men showed up and everything!

Anyway, I should go. *sigh* Alright. G'night, guys!



Whoa, sorry, guys!
I totally fell off the map for over a month and JUST got your birthday wishes! XDDD;; That was back on the 13th of September... Whoopsie. ^^; Thanks in hindsight for all the wishes.

Soooooo, yeah...

Going to Japan. Kyoto, to be exact. Probably next Spring.

I'm gonna go watch the Sakura Blossoms fall and cry, like a real Buddhist pimp. B3

What else is new? Not much. My life is taken over by school and work. Sad face. ;n; But, they're cutting hours now, so... ^^;

Also working on my manga when I get time.



Hey, how's it going?

Lol, it's been a while. It's always "Been a while," though here, I guess. XD

So, what's up?

I have good news. =w=

I FINA-FUCKING-LLY GOT A JOB! I start tomorrow! >w<d You have no idea how excited I am! I spent 2 and a half years just searching fruitlessly, calling places, emailing, reapplying and I FINALLY GOT A BREAK!

That's all it takes, guys. For every time you fall down, get back up, and that's how your hard work and will power will be measured. ^^ All you need is ONE. ONE person to call you back.

Ahhh... it's gonna be nice to have money again. Mostly for school, like books and stuff. But, I need a new laptop. Mine's almost 5 or 6 years old. And, my Wacom Bamboo Tablet is just as old and... has died. TT^TT So, I must save for a newer, better, more professional one. XD WISH ME LUCK~!

That's about it. ^^ If you'd like to hear from me more often, I'm on DeviantArt, don't forget~! HERE: Shiro-Jinja

Umm, that's about it for now. *hugs to all* Yep, my life's pretty uneventful. XD;
Okay~! Talk to you all laterrrrr~!

Anyone else get this?

Got a PM from a member named Lizzy850 titled 'a warning' with a bunch of sh*t and a link to a video (which I did not follow).

I'm sure the video might be corrupt and probably contains sh*t I don't need on my laptop.

Anyone know how I can report this?

Oh, man...

So, like... I dunno if anyone here remembers, but we've had our house up on the market, right? Originally, mom wanted to move into town so we wouldn't have to drive the highway and so we'd be closer to the schools and hospital. This was because my dad moved to Wisconsin for his job last year.

Well, now it looks like my mom and sister want to move to Wisconsin with my dad. But, it's not like I can leave... Everything I know is here. My family, friends, boyfriend, and my college... So, if/when my mom and sis move away, I have to find a way to stay here.

Luckily, my b/f will never leave me hanging. ;w;
But, he has no room in his house. ;n; Or, he'll have to remodel the greenhouse...

So, I might get to live with Saya in her guest room~ ;w; Her grandmother is always asking me to move in. XDD;

I guess I have options. ^^

There's been so much going on with my mom lately. Lots of stress and anxiety, I can't blame her for wanting to move and try something new. Most of the issues are work-related. But, we've been here for almost 15 years, so I can understand.

*sigh* I hope things work out. :/


PS: Yeah, I go by Nichole now. Because, I wanna be a girl. So, there! D<

Ja mata.