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*~Yosei's Diabetes Log~*

This is going to be a personal, daily diary of sorts. Everyday, probably at the end of the day, I will record all my blood glucose readings and include what I've been eating, their carb counts, and the habits I've had that day, including exercises and anything that could have contributed to each reading.


Because, I've recently realized that, as a Type 1 Diabetic (Juvenile Diabetes), I haven't been living as healthily as I should be. This had been reflected in some recent tests I've had taken and this is my way of trying to correct my bad habits.

So, if you come here and keep updated on my activities and the like, it will be very much appreciated! If you can offer advice and support, I will feel more empowered and dedicated!

So, thanks in advance!


Started: September 25, 2011

Notes to keep in mind:

  • Healthy readings: between 100 and 150 (for me, at least) We want to lower this to a healthy range of between 80 and 120.
  • Stress can be a factor and I will not always elaborate on what my stresses are. They are sometimes very personal.
  • Health and sickness can be a factor. I will not always elaborate.

Days 3 and 4 (9-27-'11 & 9-28-'11)

Day 3: Tuesday

7:30am: 251--> took 2.5 units for correction
10:10am: 187
12:15pm: 168
11:00pm: 175

Food intake for the day:

  • Breakfast: Yogurt and a peach (30g) --> Took 3 units
  • Lunch: (no lunch)
  • After school snack: Little Debbie Cake (35g) --> 3.5 units
  • Dinner: Kielbasa

The reason for the high this particular morning was because I had a low blood-sugar around midnight the night before. I had to eat and I didn't know how much because I didn't have the time to check my sugars. I was so shaky, all I could focus on was getting food, then getting back to sleep.
Other than that, my sugars remained rather steady. A little high, but not as high as they could have been. I see it as progress.

Day 4: Wednesday

7:20am: 162
12:00pm: 119 (EXCELLENT)
2:00pm: 177
11:00pm: 246 --> 2.5 units correction

Food intake:

  • Breakfast: 2 cups of yogurt (60g) --> 6 units
  • Lunch: (no lunch)
  • Dinner: Chicken (35g) --> 3.5 units

A pretty decent start. And, I'm addicted to yogurt now...especially Greek Yogurt. *drool, drool*
But, you see that 119 at noon? Yeah, that didn't stay like that. About an hour later, I was in art class with a REALLY low sugar. It's hard to draw details of a glass bottle in CHARCOAL when your hands are shaking and your vision is blurry. So, I drank a bottle of Dr. Pepper. But, I didn't know how much I needed it. SO! When I checked my sugars at 2, I was like, "Oh, they're going up, I should take insulin" and then they DROPPED around 3:30 when I was dropping the sister off at mom's work. Then, I had to eat at Arby's because. it was right across the street. *sigh* So, now my sugars are high.
Oh well. 119 Was a nice reading to have.

On to tomorrow~!


Day 2 (09-26-'11)

Day 2: Monday

7:20am: 392 --> Took 6 units of insulin for correction
11:00am: 215 --> Took 1.5 units of insulin for correction
5:00pm: 139 (BETTER!)
10:00pm: 117 (GOOD!)

Today's Food intake:

  • Breakfast: Half a plum and half a cup of yogurt (20g) --> Took 2 units of insulin
  • Lunch: Sourdough roll and cheese (30g) --> Took 3 units of insulin
  • Dinner: Leftovers of Popcorn chicken and fries from "Paradise Falls" (40g) --> Took 5 units of insulin

Hmm, today was definitely better than yesterday, ne? Off to a REALLY bad start... but, I attribute that to the McDonald's dinner last night. Throughout the day, I tried to eat better and ate less carbs, as well as took insulin for correction when needed. Plus, all the stairs I climbed up and down, I got down to normal levels! I could definitely feel it, too. My body is used to being up in the highs, so when I'm "normal," I feel low... ^^; In time, that will be fixed.
Today wasn't too stressful. Had an exam in Japanese, but I think I did alright.
Nothing else to report. :3

Onward to tomorrow!


Day 1 (09-25-'11)

Day 1: Sunday

10:25pm: 244 --> Took 2 units of insulin for correction.

Today's food intake:

  • Breakfast- Two pop-tarts (70g) --> Took 7 units of insulin
  • Lunch- Popcorn chicken and fries at "Paradise Falls" (carb count unknown) --> Took 4.5 units of insulin
  • Dinner- McDonald's (70g) --> Took 7 units of insulin

Not a good start to this journal, but hey. We want to make improvements and I need to start somewhere. I didn't eat very healthily today, this is probably why my sugars are high right now. On top of that, I wasn't very active, other than some running around town I did earlier. My homework load was sedentary (usually is) and that's what I had to spend today doing.
Stress loads are moderately high. I am the only one in the family right now with a working car, so I'm left to run everyone around town, and driving always makes me anxious. I also have a test tomorrow in Japanese, though I think I should be able to do alright. Especially now that my art homework is done. We are also in the process of putting our house on the market, so finding time and energy to keep the house cleaned up and in order is stressing. I also seem to be experiencing strange and unexplainable occurrences at night that have me lying awake in bed for hours. Not the typical noises a house makes, either. I suppose I will have to deal with that another time. I wonder if paranoia is a factor at all? I may have to do a test on that sometime... maybe when my levels are better.

Well, I guess this is the first day. Trial and error, this is a science.

To tomorrow!