My naruto Oc

Back story;My Oc name is karuma tukouya and he is from the hidden titanium village were all the elite criminals are kept. Little did he know his dad was a bandit and tried to steal the tukouya clan hidden jutsu his brother (karuma uncle) uncle stopped and used a imprisoning jutsu then he took karuma and trianed him a his own son. Well a loud mouth named osha tekito told karuma and he was engulfed with anger so he fled and aimed to search for naruto in order to unleash the nintailed fox on the village unless they make him the animantikage he could do this by unsealing the jinchuriki with a jutsu that his uncle taught him so that
were his journey begins and if your think how hard is it to stop one boy in-case you i didn't form you karuma uncle seribo is the genral and karuma is in the tukouya clan but he doesn't know but naturally he is strong.