Failure is not an option...

Failure is not an option: Hints and tips to keep your reputation intact.

When I look at the member introductions part of the site, I can't help but reminisce of the Discovery special "The Peoples' Republic". If you've seen it, you know of the many new drivers on China's roads. In a way, the new members remind me of those first time drivers. Full of potential but likely to crash within the first six months. So, to help limit the number of crashes, I've written this somewhat snazzy guide of hints and tips. With any luck it'll prevent you from accidentally destroying your reputation like a porcelain bull in a hammer shop.

Hint one: It's "Whether", not "Weather".

TheO Tip: This is the most common and least dangerous of the many potholes you will find on the road. Whether writing a comment for a piece of art or sending a PM, you should always try to avoid spelling errors. And while it is a common occurrence, it can lower your reputation ever so slightly. But thankfully, the solution is extremely simplistic. Most browsers have a spell check feature located along the tool bar. Simply click the button and it'll check your dialog for errors. But remember, it won't work on community chat~

MyO Tip: The spell check tab will work when writing a post but won't while commenting. If you're not sure about a word, don't hesitate to open Microsoft Word and see if it's correct.

Final Tip: Writing is a lot like drawing, paintball, and playing chess. If you want to get better you have to practice-practice-practice~

Hint Two: Are you angry or dumb?

While writing in all caps can be tempting, it'll make you look like an idiot if you do it all the time. Try to remember that a "!" can also convey a raised tone of excitement or anger, just like a "?" can help convey confusion.

Hint Three: We can agree to disagree.

The internet is a big, big place full of many, many unique people. I'm not going to sugar coat it; you will eventually disagree with somebody over some topic or another. When that happens, try to be civil about it. Friends can disagree from time to time just like strangers do. There's no need to call somebody a tramp just because they think SasuNaru isn't as good as NaruSasu (your choice of a gift for the first person who can tell the difference between the two.) If you've both expressed your opinion about a topic, why fight? It's not like violent lingo will convince 'em to see things your way.

Debate Tip: Try to keep things from getting personal if you're debating. The moment you take it personally is the moment you're likely to say something regrettable.

Hint Four: Don't feed the machine!

This tip goes for all submissions. You should only submit something you have put some effort into making. If it looks like you could have done it in thirty seconds with your toes, don't submit it. It's better to have a light portfolio full of things you can be proud of than a heavy one full of, well, pointless crap.

Hint Five: Stick to your guns.

If you say something like "I'll help you with the (insert thing here) if you want" and they take you up on your offer, don't bail out. If you say you're going to do something, do it. Same thing with your core values, too. You will get a lot more respect if you don't contradict yourself or lie.

Hint Six: Silence is golden.

If you don't have anything to say, then don't. Nobody will force you to comment on everything. Remember; friendships arise from conversations, not short comments.

And that's about it, I think. With any luck these hints 'n tips will help the newer members become great legends.