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This is the world that contains all my projects (written or otherwise) as well as information for upcoming projects. If you like my work, this is the place to visit to stay informed.

Back to Work.

Since I've finally gotten a computer that works, I can finally start submitting things again!

However, I'm a little short on inspiration (And a little out of practice, too...) So, to fix this little snag, I'm now taking requests. Granted, I can't color my works yet (Since I don't have a pen tool) but I should be able to make some pretty nifty line art. So, if you have a request, feel free to ask~

Below is the last thing I managed to scribble.

Please, help me get better by making requests~! The better I get, the less I suck~



Due to my computer's deteriorating condition I'm gonna have to halt all submissions in the following categories:

: Fan Art
: Fan Comics
: Wallpapers (Come to think of it, I still haven't made any wallpapers.)
: Cards
: Quizzes (I've still to make a quiz, too.)

I know, it sucks. Though in my defense, my editing programs aren't working like they should because my computer's gonna kick the bucket. I'm also gonna have to cut back on my overall usage of the computer so it'll last until February. So, starting as of now, ill only be online once a week.

And, well, that's pretty much that. Depressing, I know. But at least I won't be disappearing altogether, right?


A Dish Best Served Hot!

Title: A Dish best Served Hot!
Series: Original.
Characters: A girl who will remain nameless and another character who will also remain nameless. Both originals~

Quietly, she approached the locked door that guarded her target. Carefully, she unraveled the hairpin she had so painstakingly rummaged for and placed it in the lock's weakness, a small hole that contained the turning mechanisms. Careful, careful! She agonized silently as she twisted the pin. Slowly, gradually, the lock began to turn. It wasn't long before an all too quiet yet satisfying click reached her ears. The door was unlocked; it was time to deliver retribution upon her victim.

With almost ninja like skill, she opened the door just enough for herself to slide in undetected. Now she could see her target, though they couldn't see her. Silently, she took a step towards her weapon of choice, a metal cord that hung from a porcelain tank. Her heartbeat raced as she grasped a hold of the instrument. Okay, let's do this. She took in a deep breath, held it, then quickly released it as she pulled on the cord. Within seconds, a blood curdling scream could be heard all throughout the house as steam filled the once locked room. The young girl walked from this fog of misfortune, a grin displayed triumphantly.


Squares of Death!

Squares of Death! How to Survive the Killer Realm of the Checkered Board! Checkers is an old and depending on your other alternatives, a somewhat fun game. The rules are simple, two players, twenty four piece...

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Online Vacation.

As you might or might not know, I'm going on an online vacation for most of April. Ill be gone at least two weeks and a month at most. Don't worry, I usually do something like this every three or so months. With any luck ill be back with some cool...

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