Hello and welcome to my WORLD~ My name is Yoji and it is a pleasure to meet you. This is my Life world, the place where Ill write about the various events and happenings that take place during my everyday life. From the strange to the daring, if it happens to me it's probably going to end up on here.

About Me~

I'm a twenty-one year old guy from jolly old England. I moved to the state of Texas when I was sixteen and lived there for a good five and a half years before moving back to the UK. In my spare time I like to read, fence and generally goof off. My star sign is Capricorn and I was born in the year of the snake. My favorite fruit food is the strawberry and I'm more of a manga fan than an anime fan. Well, I like books in general~

And that's that, for now. If you want to learn more then you're gonna have to read or talk to me~

Enjoy your visit~

First update of the year.

It sure has been a while since I last posted anything on here. Then again, this hasn't been my primary online haunt for a good six years now. But still, I might as well post something when I do pop by, right?

I had knee surgery towards the end of November. They stuck two metal rods in my knee and used 'em to repair a tear in my cartilage. I've past my initial six week recovery period now and I can certainly feel the difference. My leg use to pop out of place almost daily before the op, and now it feels more stable than the other. Granted, there are some small negatives. I'm double jointed, and it feels like my knee isn't anymore. It's bigger than the other knee and not nearly as flexible. Granted, my recovery might not be entirely over just yet. but it's still slightly worrying. I rather like my flexibility, and it would be a shame if I couldn't swing my legs well above and behind my head anymore.

I sent off for my security license yesterday. I should get my working permit within a couple of weeks. They last three years and allow you to manhandle drunks for a living, which I'm fully trained to do. Got top marks in drunk tossing Physical Intervention and CCTV, though I would much rather do the latter than the former. Better pay just to sit in an EU regulated padded chair and watch a monitor for a few hours. Honestly, it's more cushy than working construction, which is basically two hours of lifting and six of drinking tea and prating about.

Super F-BIKE

I had a pretty uneventful Christmas this year. In fact, it didn't feel like Christmas at all. It was too warm and wet outside for one thing. Then there was the lack of decorations. We literally shoved the parcels under the lamp and left it at that. That been said, the day went rather well. No fires or thieving bandits the night before. The TV I blew a whole paycheck on for my gran even survived the two months behind the couch intact. But still, even slightly drunk from half a bottle of white wine and a tummy full of chicken, it wasn't really that festive.

My birthday the day before, however, was another story. I ate like a pig, drank like a teenager and even got to spend some quality time with the french guy it seems I'm dating now. I must have eaten six pounds of chocolate over the two day holiday. It was terrible. Well, not at the moment, but a few days after. It took me a week of rationing chocolate like a coke head trying to kick the habit with as few withdrawal symptoms as possible. It sure made work more terrible.

Overall I did alright this year. I got a shit load of royal blue clothes Thanks, Les Mis and got close to 30 movies and a snazzy coat in the Friday sales. I even have enough left over to visit some family in South Yorkshire and on the coast next month. That should be interesting.

work has been pretty terrible this week, in that they've given me no actual hours and used up two of my holiday days, but it hasn't been all bad. The exercise bike I ordered arrived today, and it even came with the necessary tools needed to set it up. I figured a gym membership would set me back 240 a year, so I might as well spend up to that on stuff I can use anytime I want, without that bad gym smell. So far the Super F-BIKE A bike with the name of a yaoi rape machine has held together rather well. I managed to kick out a 15k sprint on the thing without it falling to pieces, well worth the 69.99 I blew on it. I think I'll spend 50 on 50kg worth of barbell the next time I get the cash spare. That should last me a while.

I'm gonna go see Les Mis with Frenchy this weekend, hopefully.

Oh, and thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday~


Seven Psychopaths

Work has been pretty dead for me this past week. I only worked one day last week. One measly little day. If it wasn't for their generous holiday pay package, I would be pretty screwed this week, and probably next week, too. They sent close to two dozen of us home today. It was brutal. I felt sorry for the poor bastards having to explain it to everyone. Not too sorry, since their pay is both higher and more stable than mine, but I can still sympathies.

I think I'll spend my more-than-likely uneventful week preparing for my movie date on Saturday. I'm going to go watch a film, Seven Psychopaths, with another guy, my sis' gay work colleague. We've been chatting since Friday and I made the mistake of mentioning I was going to see it. He replied by saying he wanted to see it, too, but was too broke to go. He then turned up the puppy dog eyes to borderline overload and I wound up offering to pay for his ticket.
It's not that going on a date to a movie with another gay guy is a bad thing, just that it's not my usual element. In my experience, the other guy is either so nervous that they can't be themselves, or he's confident but has the range of interests of an autistic child. The last bastard I went on a date with loved pop music and photography, and nothing else. I suppose I should be optimistic, but he's showing the tell-tell signs of nervousness. Either that, or that's how all French people chat/text. I kind of hope it's the latter, though. It would be nice to have some fun once in a while without been too adult in nature.

Doodle requests are still open! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have three days to pick out an outfit.


Just about wrapped up

I actually had a day of work yesterday~ They had the Christmas cake zone up-and-running again, though there wasn't a fruitcake to be seen. We spent the whole shift packaging chocolate cakes. Thousands of chocolate cakes. The zone was closed today though. They told us that night that it would be dead, but they still called me this morning to confirm it. At least they confirmed my holiday day, too. The one I filled in last eek got lost and I had to stretch a tad more than expected to pay bills.

The gift I ordered my sister arrived today. It's already packed and wrapped, nestled safely under the Christmas tree lamp for her to pick up and take back to her place tomorrow.

The older I get, the faster my hair grows. I'm not even 23 yet and already I have the beard prowess of a Spartan king. I probably won't be able to pull off the cute, femmy look once I hit 23 and a half, 24 tops. Growing old is terrible.

I'm open to doodle requests, by the way. So get suggesting and, if you're lucky, you might see your request up in my next update~


The Hunt Approaches.

It looks like I'm in for another slow work week. With one of the three zones closed down, probably for the remainder of the year, I now have to battle the other temps for a place on the Optional Workers list. I've already worked one day, and I only need to work two to meet my minimum expenses, but I'll have to branch out and try to find somewhere else to work if things remain this choppy.

I've been killing my excess time in increasingly productive ways. I'm reading more, exercising regularly again and I've started doodling requests for strangers. Not highbrow works of art, but enough to get a few giggles.

I'll probably have to call up my chief petty officer/recruitment manager next week and ask him for an increase in time before my pre-joining fitness test. I have to run a mile and a half in under ten minuets and I'm a lot better lifting heavy things up and putting them down again than I am at running. I should probably call up my Construction instructor while I'm at it, too. It's been nearly two months and my workers card still hasn't arrived yet. No card, no access to sites.