The Soul Collector

[My entry for the "Halloween Writer's Jam". Apologies if there are any mistakes, English isn't my native language. Here's hoping someone will find it remotely scary.]

Blood veins dyed the evening ground,
The sky seemed fastened to the floor,
She heard a simple, subtle sound,
A knocking at the door...

That's how it started; so she paused
To hide her fear, oh but alas,
She looked around, and there it was,
The face pressed by the glass...

She clutched her hands and backed away,
"What do you want to prove?"
But the man did not obey,
The silhouette now moved...

Slowly creeping through the wall
Now all was made so clear,
The girl knew her soul would fall,
She knew her end was near...

"There is nothing I must prove,
I'm just taking what you stole."

Now he took another move,
"I'll be tearing out your soul"...

She seemed baffled and depressed,
By the sudden sense of heat,
His hand now sank in her chest,
And the girl fell to his feet...

"You've a very painful debt
So, make haste and let us start"

Spoke the ghostly silhouette.
And her chest was torn apart...

"Silly girl, your life has ended"
He now uttered to himself,
In agony she comprehended:
"The soul is ripping from myself!"

"Oh yes, this soul is fine!"
Spoke the man with ghostly mask,
But the girl's eyes seemed to ask,
"Will you please return what's mine?..."

Robbed of her soul so dear,
Still feeling burned inside
She understood it all too clear
"This pain will not subside..."

Feeling choked, the girl was crying,
She felt severed, full of holes,
"What a painful way of dying."
Said the man collecting souls...

Now she felt so torn apart...
He left the girl behind still knowing
She would hold that sense of burning
Forever in her heart.

[I'm aware that this doesn't go with the theme of my World, but please save the torches and pitchforks until after the competition :)]