I write alot.
I'm not that good.
I try.
I write about how I'm feeling.
Sometimes I'll be really happy but I just write a sad poem anyways.

Halloween Nightmare

I cant feel my legs
my hearts about to burst
theres beating in my brain
everyone looks the same
dark shapes in the night
wingless devils about to take flight
i cant escape this
neither can you
a sad little girl with her mouth sewn shut
an empty old hut
what lurks inside?
i dont want to look
but i cant close my eyes
theres no escape now that we're inside
this evil place where i cant hide

Violent Tears

Forever or never?
which one do you choose?
either way its win and lose
your love for me is gone
i will never see the dawn
dont let me go
youve sunk so low
into these violent tears


Words that mean nothing
or words that mean something?
words that slide like ice
or words that slice like a knife?
words that save a life
or words that destroy one?
my world came crashing down
as your gorgeous lips formed a frown
and said those simple words
my forever changed into never
with words.


Heres my heart
i give it to you
please please take it
please dont break it
this is our last chance to make it
with this single breath
my very last one
i hand you my heart
this isnt really my life,
its a peice of art
made by some twisted heartbroken maniac
save me from this life im leading,
filled with drugs,lies,and insanity
this cant be a fantasy..
so please please take it
please dont break it
this is our last chance to make it...


How do i explain how i feel?
its been a few months
i should be over you
but i loved you
you were the first guy to call me beautfiul
the first guy that said he loved me
the first guy that i ever truly loved
i miss you.