Pie, is everything, it is life, it is you. . . This world, is pie . . . All who oppose will suffer a fate greater than death. Anybody can post anything they want on this world ^_^ so yea, as long as it doesn't break the rules:
1. Though Must Like Pie
2. Though Must Seeeriously Like Pie
3. Do Not Discriminate Or Ridicule Anybody/Thing
4. Though Must Enjoy (Seriously You Have To Like Pie)
5. Be Nice :3 (PIEEEE)

Oh and By the way . . if you ever want to post anything on my world, just leave a comment stating your name and i'll add you as a geust poster as long as it follows this rule(s):
1: Must somehow include pie, no matter how infinitismal or immense
2: Dont be mean to anyone >:(
3: HAVE FUN ^_^


Holy Crap

Wow, It's been absolutely eons since I've been on this website . . . I'mmm Reallllyy Sorry theOtaku.com . . . Well, It's kinda late at this time that I'm posting this. . . So I don't really have the mindspace to be able to think about anything. And the only reason I came on this site to do anything was because I came here accidently. . .
Once Again. . . I'm sorry theOtaku.com. . .
Tommorow . . when I'm more awake I guess i'll put something up About how my life has been.
Seeya tommorow I guess! Toodles!~

Log:4 Ohhh. . My. . .GAWD!

Its beeeeeen soooo long since i posted anything on here , well that is about to change. . . cuz something very dramatic happened at school.
We had to choose our Dream Careers that we would want the most and everyone was so pristine and happy frolicking about the classroom picking their wonderful jobs like veternarian or fireman or even a school teacher . . while everyone was like this i thought differently . . .MUAHAHAHAHAHAH... *whoops* (blush ...)annnyway the teacher did state that we could choose a dddddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmm job . . . soooo you may think that i chose something normal like lobotomist or Executioner, something normal . . No . . I chose the only job that i deemed would be unique . . i chose . . .Dun, da da, DUN! . . .are you ready?

SUPREME OVERLORD OF THE UNIVERSE (i got the idea from disgaea : 3)

I did a full on poster with the lot, bling bling!, Chibi!, HEAAAAPSSS OF INFO ABOUT WHAT THE JOB IS!, aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd i stated how it would help society. . . I gave it to the teacher she had a smile on her face and i was thinking , YES I'M IN THE CLEAR! . . . but then the dreadful thing happened........

She gave me a detention for wasting a whole class on nothing >:(
I was so annoyed i stormed outta da classroom and somehow. . cant remember i thinking the teach hypnotised me . . ANYWAY i ended up in the principals office. . and thats how i skipped a whole double ^_^


P.s B4 i forget, how is this story related to pie? welll when i got home and after i got grounded. . i ate a pie : 3

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I GIVE YOU ALL....PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!! Enjoy! ;3

Log 3: . . Slow

Its been a couple of days since i posted my last post . . Ist been kinda slow. I also relized in my last post, i didn't mention pie what-so-ever -_- i feel so ashamed . . I broke my own rule -_- . . I dont know what else to talk about . .
I KNOW . . i got broadband ^_^, yes i know its lame how i just got it . . Cuz i've been using Dial-Up . . -_-
Another thing i thought about while i was typing, is that i havn't submitted any work on TheOtaku . Now if your all wondering why i havn't, this is because first of all, My Tablet broke. . No.1: Rule to remember, never drink soft drink and place the drink next to your drawing tablet /. .. Very bad outcome . . . so i decided to get a new scanner so i could upload my drawings and patch them up with Photoshop, make it look Pwettiiful, but . . . My brother stole it and wont let me use it -_- bully . .
Thats all i have to say . . -_-


pie XD

one word: pie XD
lolz actually, i just wanted to say hi, and since im a guest poster here, thought i would post something! ^^ lolz so, here ish a pic of my fave pie....

aPpLe PiE!! XD