Hello! I don't know if any of the people in theO still remember me, but I just want to say sorry to those people who are waiting for me to come back. I really had a lot fun here when I was super active. I met a lot of people too. Unfortunately, I've been super busy in real life. I suddenly needed to get serious with my studies or else goodbye to nursing school. Although I might pop out here and there, I don't know if I will be as active as I did before. I am going to be honest, I can't make pretty wallies anymore. I'm sorry if I disappointed some people... I tried with the recent one I submitted but somethings missing unlike the previous one I did and I'm sure some of you won't even remember how they looked like as some of my cards and wallies were deleted, and I don't worry much cause it's the rules and I just need to follow them.

And I want to say thank you to all those people who greeted happy b-day to me. I really appreciate it :)

See ya around guys! I hope everybody's having an awesome summer. I am only starting mine this week XD . If you guys have tumblr and want to know more what else are my interests, check out my tumblr page :). Just don't be surprised if my page is full of One Piece, my current obsession.

Icy Days

Unfortunately, where I live, a winter ice storm's happening. Yesterday, when we were doing our chemistry experiment, our teacher announced that we only have twenty minutes left before the college will close. Me and my partner looked at each other because we only finished the first part of the experiment, well we're not the only one cause we just started. Then my teacher just told us to finish everything we can and gather informations to other groups =w=

Anyways, because of the I don't have a class today and hopefully tomorrow too XD. I really don't like to go out, its icy, chilly, and dangerous out there. I just wanted to enjoy a hot cup of coco, and lay on my bed and sleep LOL.

Just this Vacation X3

Well i noticed that i'm ignoring theO for the past weeks ...
I didn't mean... I'm still popping out every now and then and hugging and adding some arts to my favorite collections...

Since i have a month of vacation from school i'm enjoying it to the fullest =v=. After this vacation, hoho, i don't even want to think about it XD

Err... some of the things i'm doing right now
--->FLYFF (XD, can't help it)
--->Movies (=v=b, i'm at peace when watching some actions)
--->Cooking (err since i'm not doing anything important... i need to cook dinner every night :O)
--->Parties (yeah... i'm not really a fan of it... but it's part of the tradition =_=...)
--->SNOWBALL FIGHTING!!! (>XD oh yeah! making some snowman and throwing snowballs is the best!)
--->Cards and wallpapers (XD i have a bunch that i started but not one that's even done)


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hectic week *u*

since last week has been a very busy one for me... open registration for the spring started yesterday while registration for the current student started last week, and those are the two reasons why all the people are grumpy =3=
all the students are being grumpy, well i understand that but i hope they'll also understand that it's not our fault... that kind of waiting is normal since it's registration...

oho, one by one my major papers is completely out of the way =v=!! i have two more left and one of them is due on monday... hehe and then i have a lot of time for my other one (which would be the most difficult) due after thanksgiving =w=
good thing my instructor changed the date or else, i don't have enough time to gather all the materials i need...

okay, enough with the whining... can't wait for next week, thanksgiving!! oho, there would be a lot of food again and a few days to spare just spacing out or sleeping all day XD

weh~~ can't wait for the winter break (but need to get rid of finals first! =_=)and then spring and then SUMMER!!!


gah! i'm totally addicted w/ this manhwa XD
i just started reading it last week and manage to cope up with the latest chapter X3 (well some of the chapters are really short, so that's one reason)

wee~ if you guys have time, try reading it! i'm still laughing and smiling randomly when i remembered a scene from this manhwa XD (sometime my sisters will look at me awkwardly lol)

here's one funny clip X3, but there's a lot more if you read it XD

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