My Information

Name: Samantha

Age: N/A

Interests: Role Play and Anime

Dislikes: People who think they're better then others

Skills: Writing (sort of), Painting, Laughing, reading, science

Other: Im not good at drawing so I probably won't ever have any fanart, but I might try to make some cards or wallies maybe...

Users I know in real life: HalfwayVamped, greenLeAf863, mustloveavatar863

So yeah, i know I'm not on much, and I'm kinda lazy with my RPing but I do like it a lot! I'm with Sarah a lot becaus ewe live near each other, so she's the one that usually makes me post when I'm at her house... haha so yeah that's all! bye bye


Likes and such

Hey there!

I think that is the best version of this song! Bouken deshou deshou...

As of today my favorite animes/Manga rank in the following order:

  • Battle angel
  • Battle angel last order
  • Bleah (chad <3)
  • Negima
  • Ah My Goddess FOF
  • hmmmm Haruhi Suzumiya
  • naruto?
  • AzuManga Daioh
  • Fruba
  • Vampire Knight
  • Mushi-shi
  • ...I've been craving Suzuka but I don't think it's a Favorite, it's an off and on with me
  • this ugly yet beautiful world

Characters from The above List(favs):
Bleach: None yet but i think chad is funny!
BAA: Jashugan, Alita, AR series, Lou, (KYAAA HAHAHAHA) Desty Nova(makes me laugh!)
BAA LO: Jim Roscoe, Gelda, Zazie, Alita, Ping, Ping's old GF(forget her name XD)
Negima: IDK y but Setsuna. I really like how the show sticks with a consistant group of characters and explain each one. It seems more realistic that way...
Ah My Goddess FOF: Troubador, Urd, Hild, golden nightengal
Haruhi Suzumiya: The esper dude, name?
Naruto: it changes so I won't even write it down
Azu: Yukari, Tomo, Sakaki
Fruba: Hatori, Haru, Kyo
VK: Kain Akatsuki, Aidou Hanabusa
Mushi-shi: Ginko, Black foot girl
OHSCH: Kyouya, Mr. Fujioka
Suzuka: none
Ugly yet beatiful: Jenifer, kuon, ryou

My Chemical Romance
Owl City
Green Day
Lady GaGa
Anime themes
All time low
Vic Micnogna
other pop
no rap

TV and Movies:
Anything horror
Event horizon
Dead Scilence
Haunting in Conneticut
Being Human
What I like about you
NOT degrassi
Dr. Who Blink

And that what I like!










Never mind!


Now take your cranberry juice and SKIDADDLE!