years of change

I'm doing this for a challenge. I used to go by Cat, some of my old friends still call me that. I now call myself Hita on the internet and as a nickname. My family moved three years ago, but we(my brothers and I) had plenty of time to prepare. I chose the summer of the year befor we moved becouce I can wright about more that way so please enjoy-

A 10 year old ran across her family's small pasture like land tords the picture like tin shed that stud on the other side. A medium sized black dog ran beside her. her long dirty blond hair flowed in the wind. As the pare reached the fence around the shed the girl slowed. "stay Gigi" she said as she climbed the fence and jumped down on the other side. The two goats in the pen next to that one reared up, and placed there hooves on the fence separating the two pens. "Ya I know your hungry give me a minuet" the girl said. She walked up to the sheep nearest her "hello Kc you going to let me close today" she whispered as she approached casually. She had a ingraned fear of these animals. As a three wear old she'd enjoyed Mutenbusting(or riding sheep), but she'd fallen off and gotten stepped on. Kc turned and ran into the shed. The girl shrugged and turned to the other sheep in the pen. "Hey Oreo" she said in a much louder voice. She wasn't afraid of Oreo. He was gentle and easy to work with. She walked up to him and rubbed his head, pushing between his ears like he liked. "You're hungry to aren't you" she muttered as she got up and walked into the shed. Kc slipped past Oreo as he fallowed her. She slipped over the smaller fence inside and scooped two coffee cans full of feed into the sheep's food bowl. She took another half can and dumped it through the small square hole in the wall into the half grown goats bowl. After checking the waters she climbed back out to ware the dog Gigi waited. "Come on girl" she called as she turned to race back to the house only to stop short.

A 14 year old girl stud in front of her. The stranger stared into the pen at the sheep. "Who are you, and how did you get here?" the first girl asked getting ready to defend herself against the older girl. She studied her with piercing blue-green eyes. This girl had the same build as her, the same dirty blond hair(all though her's was shorter), and yes the same piercing eyes. She stared at the sheep without saying a word.

"Relax I'm not about to hurt you" the older girls voice sounded amused. "You like to be called Cat right?" The words were sarcastic as if she really needn't ask.

"That's right" Cat said in a challenging tone,"and you are?"

"You can call me Hita. I know more about you than you seem to think." Hita's words chilled Cat.

"How do you..."

"Know any thing about you?" Hita finished the question as if it were her own. "You're withdrawn, most people are left guessing with you. You're friends know you well and are one of you greatest treasurers. You love animals and care for your sheep and your brothers goats every morning. You named one sheep Kc because you like the name and the other Oreo because he's patterned like Oreo cookies. Your dog Gigi is a border collie-Shepperd mix. Your best friends are Emily and Hannah. You call Emily Em, and don't have a nickname for Hannah. Am I right?"

"Yes" Cat took a step back."How do you know all that?"

Hita looked at Cat with clear eyes,"I'm you four years from now." Hita said reviling a scare just under her right elbow identical to the one on Cats arm from when the sheep had stepped on her. Cat stared in amazement.

"What do you mean?" Cat stared at Hita believing what she'd been told, but not understanding.

"You won't be here for the rest of your life" Hita's voice was quiet, "this is the last summer spend it well. You'll be put in Ms. Lashle's class for sixth grade so be ready. Take good care of troughs sheep got it? Oh and don't cry to long after the fair this next year will be no time for you to be sad."

Cat looked down at the ground "what do you mean?" she asked uneasy.

"Our family will move around Christmas."Hita's voice was sad. "I still miss this place. I miss playing with Gi and caring for Oreo, I miss Em and Hannah, but I have the family you know, and some others you don't. Trust Mom's dissensions, but don't just amuse they're right. What's right is in your heart. Don't try to hard on first impressions after the move, and don't play at friendships wile wishing you were in some other place or time"


"Right well I have to go. Oh ya and for crying out loud get over that old dog dragging you accost that show ring there's weirs things to come. See you in a few years" Hita called as she walked away.

Cat stared after her bewildered. Then as if nothing had happened started to run accost the field after Gigi. This was her life, she would face it herself.

Hehe it seems my words fell on deaf ears. I wounder will that ever change?