Welcome. This is just a blog I'll be keeping. Hope you enjoy.

You probably want to know more about me.

Eye color- blue-green

hair- blond

Other interests- basketball, writing, Warriors

Favorite band- Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Skillet

Pets-Kimmy-cat,Gigi-dog,Swift-cat,Lightning-cat,Star-cat,Rose-cat,Lily-cat,Bramble-cat,Lily's kittys(species after name)

That's all I can think of right now, but don't be afraid to ask questions

95% of kids to day would have a mental breakdown if Miley Cyrus was about to jump out of moving helicopter. Copy and paste this if your one of the 5% yelling "Jump bitch!"

annoying Naruto characters....not a smart move

1. Hide his Jashin pendent 2. Forbid him from using cuss words 3. Steal his scythe 4. Tell him that his religion sucks and his god is not real 5. Use his head as a paper-weight 6. Ban him from doing his blood rituals...

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OMJ, that's fun

I was just DRIVING, that is so fun.

luckily I don't drive like that


Okay, so I lesion to this song on my playlist and had to watch this AMV

man I love that video.


Me and my best friend, Momo

Who is your best friend?
Momo(soon to be sister)

When is your best friend’s birthday?
March, 30th

What is your best friend’s favourite food?
she doesn't know

What is your best friends least favourite food?
almost all candy

What is it your best friend enjoys doing the most?
I'm not sure, she enjoys a lot of things

How long have you and your best friend been friends for?
I'd say about two years

What’s their favourite colour?
black, white, and orange

How did you meet your best friend?
her dad is was my mom's boyfriend at the time

What is the most stupid thing the pair of you have done?
fight over a fanserves picture of Deidei

What do you do to pass the time?
talk, wright, watch anime, PM each other, watch educational TV

Do you know what your best friend dedicates their life to?

Would you ever try changing your best friend? If so why?

Is their something about your best friend that really gets on your nerves?

What’s the worst argument you have had with your best friend?
over the fanserves picture of Deidei, it's the only time we've argued

Do you think you and your best friend will be friends for a long time?

Do you talk to each other often?
oh yes

What’s their greatest fear?

Would you protect your best friend?
Yes of course I would

Has your best friend ever gone out their way to help you?
I'd say she has

How would you feel if your best friend dropped dead right now?
scream and run

What is the earliest memory of your best friend?
chasing my brothers

What is it about your best friend that makes you laugh so much?
just how well we get along


I'm out of school, finely.

What do I do now?