Hello, and welcome to Yamcha's Anime universe! Some of you may know me from visiting my Myotaku page (username: Yamchaa), but if you havent visited or dont know me, then thats cool too lol. Im a big anime fan and ive been one for as long as i can remember. I collect anime movies, magazines, figures, all things related to anime, and im proud to say that i have a pretty hefty and diverse anime collecion which is usually constantly growing, and with this new world i hope to make new friends and spread my knowledge of anime to whoever may need it ^_^


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Wanderers From Ys

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since ive last posted, and since ive been off work for the past 3 days, i figured id put a post up and let you all know what ive been up to :)

First off, i wanted to post that i finally played Wanderers From Ys: Ys III (SNES) this morning. Some of you may know that i bought it a few months ago, but i mustve forgotten about it when i moved and i never got around to playing it lol. Xaos brought up the subject of Ys yesterday in a message he sent me, so i thought id pull out my super nintendo and play it for a little bit :)

So far it has been pretty fun, even though ive been at guides looking online. I also have the PS2 game called Ys: The Ark of Napishtim, which i also need to get back to playing lol, but thats for another post lol.

Ive also been playing Halo REACH alot lately on Xbox Live. I recently merged my live account and Gamertag with bungie.net - so now all of my stats are saved directly to my profile on bungie.net in realtime as i am playing. All of my in-game pics are also saved there as well, so you can keep up with the mayhem by checking out all the cool pics that are taken during battles lol.

Here are some links -



Over this weekend ive been competing in Arena battles, in order to receive a rank and a division spot, so hopefully ill place somewhere when they give out ranks tommorrow - wish me luck :)

As for anime, the newest anime title ive bought is a boxset of an anime called "The Hakkenden: The Legend of the Dog Warriors", and so far it has been really good. Here is a video of the opening, so you guys can gather your own opinion of it :)

I also recently made a wallpaper using one of my Fan art pieces, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think :)
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I plan on making some more wallpapers pretty soon, especially after seeing some of the cool characters in The Hakkenden anime, and as well as some other titles ive been watching lately like Yu Yu Hakusho, Ninku, and Spriggan.

Well, i suppose that will be all for today, i sure hope you all like the pics, and i surely look forward to hearing from you all :)

stay strong,


Information High

Hello everyone,

I was taking a break from playing Halo Reach online, and i thought i'd post about something that happened while i was playing earlier.

When i got home from work this morning, I started playing Halo Reach multiplayer online, and while i was playing, i had random music playing on my Xbox360 in the background. During one deathmatch, the song "Information High" (from the anime Macross Plus) began playing on my xbox and some of the players that were in the same deathmatch heard the music playing through my headset, and i got quite a few good comments. It was a pretty cool moment, and while i was playing, i couldnt help but think more about how the anime Macross Plus is Underated and overlooked by many.

To be totally Honest, since Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory is probably my most favorite anime of all time, then Macross Plus has to be crazy close to 2nd place, if not a tie with first place.

Macross Plus is crazy good, and you cant consider yourself a true anime fan until youve seen it.

i found a music video with the song "Information High" in it, so im going to post it up here for you guys to listen to. The video contains scenes from the OVA series and the film.

In other news, today i was promoted to Sargeant: 1st Class on Halo Reach. Ive been promoted 2 times so far, so i hope to keep fighting online so i can keep gaining ranks :)

well i suppose that will be all for today, i sure hope to chat with you all soon :)

stay strong



Space Battleship Yamchaa 13,999

Hello everyone,

I planned on posting about it yesterday, but my Yamcha's Anime Universe world is sitting on 13,999 visits, and i thought i'd post about it so that i can thank everyone who visits this world :)

I know sometimes i go weeks or months at a time without posting, but im always here in some way or another :)

I also know that 13,999 visits may not seem like alot compared to some of the other worlds here, but i still think its alot and im pretty proud of it. Hopefully ill see 13,999 more visits in the future lol - I can only hope :)

The past couple of days ive basically been playing on Xbox Live. Yesterday i played Madden 2010 Online, and Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 Online.

I formed a Teg Team and became friends with a fellow newcomer on there, and we surprisingly have won all of the matches weve tagged together in - We won 2 by disqualification, One by Pinfall, and the last match by submission.

Last night i traded in a bunch of junk at Game Exchange and got enough credit back to buy Halo Reach, without even having to spend any money lol. So far it has been a pretty fun game, and i like being able to customize my Spartan Uniform. I'll have to take some pics for you guys sometime :)

Well i suppose that will be all for today, i hope to post more, once i watch the 3 new anime movies i bought a few days ago. hope to chat with you all soon :)

Stay strong,


Add me on Xbox Live

That's right, Im finally on Xbox Live, so if you are on xbox live, then fee free to add me :)

My gamer tag is -


Let me know what games you are playing and i can certainly try to get that game and see if we can play online together :)

stay strong,


Like Stars Down From Heaven

Hello everyone,

I was bored this morning, so i thought id put up a post of sorts to pass the time and share some thoughts with whoever out there reads my posts lol.

Lately ive really been enjoying the high speed internet i recently got, its opened a new experience for me online, thats for sure. No more long loading times for youtube, or hours of downloading programs like Yahoo messenger (which was a killer on dial up). Ive finally been able to listen to podcasts and review videos over at thegeekfighters.com, without lag or waiting as well, which has been really fun :)

On Youtube i managed to come across "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - Abridged", which i must say was pretty funny. I'll have to find the videos again so that i can post them up here for you all to watch :)

I've also began steps to get my Xbox live set up for my Xbox360. Im certainly looking forward to the online gaming scene, though i do need to buy a few more games, so i'll have different things to play online once i get it all set up. I know a few people who have Xbox Live, so im expecting fun times for sure.

Last night my lady friend texted me and asked me "if i knew where to find Nintendo 64 games". I told her that the local Game Exchange has them, and then she told me about how she knew a little girl that had an N64, but she only had 2 games for it, and immediately i felt something. I got up and went through my N64 games and pulled out the ones i dont play anymore and let my friend know that she could give my old games to the little girl. i'll be sure to keep you guys updated and let you all know if she likes them. They are some pretty fun games, so im expecting she will be excited :)

I guess hearing the story about the little girl reminded me a bit of myself when i was younger. For the Looongest time the only videogame system i had was my Nintendo and my Super Nintendo. I had a good variety of different games back then, and i remember as my friends started getting Playstations when they were first released, i was still playing my Super Nintendo lol. I would play Madden NFL 1996 for my super Nintendo religeously every weekend, along with Final Fight 2, and ActRaiser, and i guess hearing about that girl reminded me of those days when i was having fun even though it was an older system. I hope these games are a good Christmas Present for her, thats for sure :)

These next couple of weeks should be fun, because i scheduled some vacation days so that ill have 3 days weekends from this weekend pretty much all the way through January, so that should give me some time to be lazy and stuff lol.

Well i guess im going to try to find something to do, probably watch some anime or something, i just wanted to post and let you all know how im doing. Hope to chat soon :)

stay strong,