Hello, and welcome to Yamcha's Anime universe! Some of you may know me from visiting my Myotaku page (username: Yamchaa), but if you havent visited or dont know me, then thats cool too lol. Im a big anime fan and ive been one for as long as i can remember. I collect anime movies, magazines, figures, all things related to anime, and im proud to say that i have a pretty hefty and diverse anime collecion which is usually constantly growing, and with this new world i hope to make new friends and spread my knowledge of anime to whoever may need it ^_^


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Weirdos in Chat

Hello everyone,

Well, ive been up since about 2 this morning, mostly ive just been messing around online and playing Halo Reach, trying to reach the Brigadier rank. i also ordered my concert ticket to the Motley Crue/Poison/New York Dolls concert on June 7th. I got the VIP ticket which gives me a seat right in front of the stage, and also some other extra stuff, so im expecting it to be pretty cool thats for sure :)

the main reason i wanted to post just now is that i just went into chat here on theotaku, and there was some strange stuff going on in there. Here is the chat log that i saved before i left -

theOtaku.com Community Chat 5.0, Build #672

There are 10 people in 4 rooms.

You entered Otaku Lobby. Room topic is: General discussion headquarters.

Starscream: Rapist
Starscream: WHAT!?
Felix the Cat: I am however somewhat reassured I don't.
DNLuva: 1 question
Farah2: dont take me wrong!
Farah2: o_O
Starscream: ¬¬
Farah2: she just touches ppl weird
Farah2: with her wierd fingers
Felix the Cat: I'm not sure if I'd like him.
Farah2: n meh otha sis too
DNLuva: ...then i wont.
Farah2: n meh mom too
Amestar left the room. (Logged out)
Farah2: DNLuva: o-o
Farah2: ..
Date Masamune joined the room.
DNLuva: Farah2: x______x
DNLuva: o_O
Farah2: KARIIIMEEE!!!!
DNLuva: ...
Farah2 tripleglompels karime
Felix the Cat: Crime?
Date Masamune: O_O
DNLuva: i think im not needed here anymore
Felix the Cat pokes Axel
Starscream: Felix the Cat: Nick... The Austrian/Norwegian butttoucher
Farah2: nuooooh!
Felix the Cat: oioioi
Farah2: stay here!!
DNLuva: but
DNLuva: i want
Date Masamune is triple glompeled?
DNLuva: fresh air
Felix the Cat: See I'm more about spanking than touching butt.
Starscream: Felix the Cat: I felt sick again this morning. ;_;
Date Masamune: x3
Date Masamune: boy do I feel lovced
Date Masamune: *loved
Farah2: noooo
alexea arescia: brb
Farah2: dont leave!!
DNLuva: but
Farah2: its payback for yesterday!
Felix the Cat: Axel, either all that food makes you nauseated and you're developing bulimia or you're knocked up
DNLuva: but-
Farah2: T_T
Date Masamune: whut did I walk into?
Date Masamune: :3
DNLuva: i thought u hated me
DNLuva: =_________=
Farah2: I never said that
Farah2: >>
DNLuva: u didnt reply yesterday
Farah2: fer whut?
DNLuva: msn
Date Masamune: ...
Farah2: yeah, I did click the stuff
Farah2: I only forgot what it was
Farah2: NUOOGH
Farah2: RYYTE
Farah2: LIGHT
Farah2: xD
mike2319 left the room. (Logged out)
Date Masamune: okay, what the hell did I miss?
DNLuva: A LOT.
Farah2: xD
Farah2: true
Date Masamune: jb sucks
DNLuva: find teh link
Farah2: I'm too lazy
DNLuva: uh-...
Amestar joined the room.
Date Masamune: wth is up with your icon, far?
DNLuva: i'd rather not say that in a group chat.
Farah2: ..
Farah2: pony
Farah2: DNLuva: just a sec
Farah2: I'll make a room

Maybe you guys can make sense of it, but thats the main reason why i rarely go into chat these days.

In other news, i took my Sega Genesis to work a couple of times last week, and played games with a co-worker while we were on lunch. Monday night we played Mutant League Football, and tuesday night we played Streets of Rage 2, which we beat. Wednesday night we played Road Rash 2 which was pretty fun considering that we hadnt played the game much before then.

Friday i bought some more anime dvds at Game Exchange -

Heat Guy J - sins of the city
Trigun - Wolfwood
Trigun - Project Seeds
Trigun - Angel Arms
Trigun - Gung H0 Guns

I also bought the anime box set of Chrono Crusade from a co-worker for 20$. She didnt like it, so i offered to buy it from her :)

Ive also been wondering why the wal mart here doesnt have the Evangelion 2.22 dvd yet. Hopefully they will have it when i go back to work tommorrow night, thats for sure.

Well, i suppose that will be all for now, i may post some more stuff up later though :)

stay strong,


Dont give up

Dont Give Up by Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush

One of my favorite songs from my favorite T.V. show, Miami Vice

Hello everyone,

I thought i'd put up a quick post while i was still awake, so i could post some more Halo Reach screenshots from a game i was in yesterday.

External Image

External Image

I took those during a Halo Reach Grifball game i was in yesterday, where i finally scored my first ever goal, as well as my first Game winning goal.

Ive been enjoying the Grifball game in matchmaking online, and im hoping to make my own team eventually (once im good enough) to enter into the Official Grifball Leauge and try to make it as far as i can.

As for me personally, ive been up and down i guess. Ive been getting bored very easily lately, and irritated as well - mostly probably due to it being so quiet in my apartment, because im always the only one here.

For the past 2 months i had been talking to a girl that worked at the same place i do, because she said that she would like to come over and play Halo Reach and random games sometime. We hung out at work and talked , etc. while on break and stuff. A few months ago she had to quit because of college courses she is currently taking here in town, but we still stayed in touch with texts and stuff. This month i texted her off and on, trying to set up something, but i never got a reply, so i figured it was the beginning of the end for that whole situation. This morning she texted me back finally and said that she was back with the guy that treated her like crap for the longest time.

I hate it when im right.

I guess ill just watch some of my Miami Vice season box sets and hope for the best,

stay strong,


Not Without A fight

Hello everyone,

This is going to be a pretty quick post, i mostly wanted to post up some screenshots i took of my character while i was playing Halo Reach over the Weekend.

some of the screenshots look pretty cool and i really enjoyed them, so i felt like sharing them with you all :)

External Image
This is a screenshot of my character holding onto another character after she was killed, and shooting back at the enemy as they were advancing on myself and the rest of the team.

External Image
This is a screenshot of the team. Im the one on the right, who is carrying our teammate to the Landing zone. This is one of my favorite scenes in the game, thats for sure :)

External Image
This is a screenshot that was taken during a space battle during a campaign mission. i was teamed up with 3 other random people from around the world, and we worked together as a team really well. in the screenshot you can see how we were all moving as a group, as if we were one force. It's one of my favorite pics, mostly because it reminded me of Macross Plus :)

Well, I better go, but dont worry - ill be posting up some more pics as the week goes by :) i hope to chat with you all soon as well :)

stay strong,


From The Ashes, You Shall rise again

External Image

Hello everyone,

I figured it would be a while before i posted again, since ive been lazy as of late and my sleeping schedule has been pretty erratic, but with new situations: old habits die hard i suppose.

As of late ive spent most of my time working and being lazy, but that's pretty normal for me lol. I have been keeping up with people's posts though, even though it may seem i havent been around - im always here, thats for sure :)

Other than working, ive spent alot of my time playing videogames online (XBOX Live). The games ive been playing are - Fallout New Vegas, Halo Reach, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, Madden NFL 2010, Halo 3, and Halo ODST.

Ive had quite a bit of fun playing online, and it has surely kept me from getting too bored throughout the days, including on the weekends when im off work. Work itself has been pretty easy lately, nothing really major going on other than new people getting hired and stuff like that.

Some of you may have noticed that i posted a review of Mobile suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory on my Myotaku page. It was pretty crazy posting there after so long, but i was really surprised how easy it was, especially with Xaos helping me transfer it from Thegeekfighters.com where i had originally created it. For those of you who may not know - Thegeekfighters.com will be merging into Reviewtopia this week, which will present a megasite that contains everything multimedia related. I decided to post my articles and reviews on my Myotaku page, so that they wouldnt be lost during the merger, so that they can still be viewed in all of their crazy glory lol. I also plan on posting them on other sites in the future, and ill be sure to keep you all updated when i do :)

Now for the main reason i posted today.

Since i havent watched TV lately, it took me a while before i found out what had happened in Japan recently, which is pretty crazy. I had also noticed that the situation had altered the weather in certain areas, and i was certainly worried about enin, because i wasnt sure if he had made it back home yet from his trip. I saw his post the other day and i was sure glad that he was alright, thats for sure. we've traveled this road on theotaku together for years now, and recently ive missed our conversations that we use to have back in the day, and with all the crazy stuff going on in the world - especially Japan, it makes you realize that you cant take time for granted, especially with friends or girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.

Im not able to do much personally to help Japan, but since i work for Wal-Mart, ive already heard reports of alot of things they will be doing to help Japan directly, so it's cool that ill be able to be a part of the rebeuilding process in some way. Today i also changed this world's appearance to coincide with the relief efforts and in hope for a better tommorrow.

Well, i suppose that will be all for today, i plan on posting more soon though, especially pics and stuff :)

stay strong


Wanderers From Ys

External Image

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since ive last posted, and since ive been off work for the past 3 days, i figured id put a post up and let you all know what ive been up to :)

First off, i wanted to post that i finally played Wanderers From Ys: Ys III (SNES) this morning. Some of you may know that i bought it a few months ago, but i mustve forgotten about it when i moved and i never got around to playing it lol. Xaos brought up the subject of Ys yesterday in a message he sent me, so i thought id pull out my super nintendo and play it for a little bit :)

So far it has been pretty fun, even though ive been at guides looking online. I also have the PS2 game called Ys: The Ark of Napishtim, which i also need to get back to playing lol, but thats for another post lol.

Ive also been playing Halo REACH alot lately on Xbox Live. I recently merged my live account and Gamertag with bungie.net - so now all of my stats are saved directly to my profile on bungie.net in realtime as i am playing. All of my in-game pics are also saved there as well, so you can keep up with the mayhem by checking out all the cool pics that are taken during battles lol.

Here are some links -



Over this weekend ive been competing in Arena battles, in order to receive a rank and a division spot, so hopefully ill place somewhere when they give out ranks tommorrow - wish me luck :)

As for anime, the newest anime title ive bought is a boxset of an anime called "The Hakkenden: The Legend of the Dog Warriors", and so far it has been really good. Here is a video of the opening, so you guys can gather your own opinion of it :)

I also recently made a wallpaper using one of my Fan art pieces, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think :)
External Image

I plan on making some more wallpapers pretty soon, especially after seeing some of the cool characters in The Hakkenden anime, and as well as some other titles ive been watching lately like Yu Yu Hakusho, Ninku, and Spriggan.

Well, i suppose that will be all for today, i sure hope you all like the pics, and i surely look forward to hearing from you all :)

stay strong,