Hello, and welcome to Yamcha's Anime universe! Some of you may know me from visiting my Myotaku page (username: Yamchaa), but if you havent visited or dont know me, then thats cool too lol. Im a big anime fan and ive been one for as long as i can remember. I collect anime movies, magazines, figures, all things related to anime, and im proud to say that i have a pretty hefty and diverse anime collecion which is usually constantly growing, and with this new world i hope to make new friends and spread my knowledge of anime to whoever may need it ^_^


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Showstopper (revised)


I figured out what i was doing wrong when i posted my videos, so here i am reposting them in this post, hope you all enjoy :)

They are videos of me saving a teammate while playing Halo Reach. Both of the videos are from different angles, and i am the red guy that comes from the shadows and shoots the blue guy :)

stay strong,



Hello Everyone,

Yesterday i signed up for Bungie PRO, which gives me alot more space for my file share on Halo Reach, and it also allows me to convert uploaded videos to WMV files and download them on my computer.

So yesterday while i was playing Halo Reach online with a friend of mine, some pretty cool stuff happened, so i recorded the video and uploaded it, to test out the new file options. After i uploaded the video, i saved it to my computer and uploaded it on Youtube. So here is the video, from two different angles :)

In this video, you see me come from the shadows and save a teammate from being assassinated. An assassination is an attack from behind, which is an instant kill. if you kill the attacker that is performing the assassination, then you get a Showstopper Medal, which is what i got :)

This is the same video, but from a different angle, which is over the shoulder of my Spartan. The guy with the 1982 above his head is my friend, and we had formed a bottleneck at the entrance of that door in order to catch the blue team off guard, it worked pretty good lol.

Well im sure ill be posting some more videos up as soon as something cool happens again, so be sure to check back :) Hope to chat soon.

stay strong,


Older School

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Hello everyone,

Its been a while since i last posted, and since i recently ordered some more anime a few days ago, I figured i would post and show you all what i was able to order :)

First of all, the method i used to find some of these anime series was pretty weird - Last thursday i woke up and i was bored so i got the idea to just go through the previews on my anime vhs tapes and dvds. The idea behind the whole process was that if i saw a preview for an anime that i thought was interesting, then i would order it, even if i knew nothing about the show at all. I figured that would make it alot more interesting when i finally received it in the mail to watch.

I searched through alot of my tapes and dvds before i settled on a few shows, and while i was chatting with Xaos online, i was looking for an old police anime that i had seen a preview of years ago. After a while of searching, i was finally able to find the name of the anime and so i went on my way to Amazon.com to order everything.

Here is a list of everything i ordered -

Mad Bull 34
: entire series (VHS)
Megazone 23: complete box set (dvd)
Patlabor: The movie (VHS)
Patlabor 2 (VHS)

I made it a point to order most of the anime on vhs, because for some strange reason i am a big fan of anime on vhs, i guess because it makes the whole experince seem more old school lol.

So far i have received the Mad Bull 34 tapes in the mail, and i am expecting to get the Patlabor movie and Megazone 23 in the mail tommorrow. Patlabor 2 should arrive on the 25th, so i have some stuff to look forward to for the next few days :)

As for the anime, i also thought that i would put up a short summary of the Mad Bull 34 anime, since ive really been enjoying it. - It's an anime about a rookie New York police officer named Daizaburo and his veteran partner John Estes (also known as Mad Bull). Daizaburo expects to do his job as a police officer by the book, but he soon finds out that the 34th precinct is the toughest precinct in new York, and that his partner uses his own form of justice to lay down the law. The anime is very adult in nature, alot of language, violence, blood and suggestive themes. Here is a trailer of the series -

I'll be sure to post up info on the other anime as soon as i get them and watch them :)

As for today, i plan on watching some anime and possibly making some wallpapers. I havent made any in a while and since ive got some new anime dvds over the last few months, ive had the urge to make some wallpapers for a while now.

Well i suppose that will be all for now, i may post again later today about some more stuff if i'm not too lazy :)

stay strong,



Hello everyone,

I wasnt up to much today, so i thought i would take some time to put up a little post real quick :)

First of all, i wanted to post that yesterday i finally got my Macross Plus dvd in the mail. I ordered it last week and it took 8 days to get here (which felt like a month), but it has definitely been worth the wait. Watching it on dvd has been even better than watching the recorded version i have on vhs lol. Both are the same, but the dvd version is just so much more clear and visually better, and it has basically moved into a tie with my favorite anime series of all - Mobile suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

here is a pic of the Macross Plus Special Edition dvd set i got -
External Image

Other than that i havent been up to much this week, besides being lazy and watching anime dvds lol. This past weekend i did watch my dvd of the anime film Summer Wars, which was really good, and i hope to post up a pic of the dvd in the next couple of days, along with a summary of the movie in case you havent seen it yet :)

well i think that will be all for today, i hope to post more stuff up really soon though :)

stay strong,


My New & Improved Anime Collection

Hello everyone,

I was actually planning on putting this post up yesterday, but i ended up falling asleep last night, so here i am this morning lol.

Yesterday morning when i got off work, i bought 2 more book cases, so that i could organize my anime collection alot better, instead of having it all crammed on 2 little book cases. Yesterday afternoon at 2:00 i started to put the shelves together, and finally at about 10:30pm i was finally finished re-arranging all the furniture in my living room and transferring my anime dvds to the new shelves.

I was pretty tired and i ended up falling asleep while watching the Foo Fighters documentary on VH1 lol

So this morning when i woke up, i went in my living room and took a picture of my new & Improved Anime Collection with my cell phone, and im glad to be able to post it up here, so here is the pic :)

External Image

Yesterday i also bought the anime movie called Summer Wars, I havent watched it yet, but i plan on watching it today sometime. Before i left work, i also found out that I had to order Evangelion 2.22 from the Wal-Mart Website, because it is an online exclusive or something like that. I only had to pay 9.99$ for it though, and im hoping it will be delivered to the store i work at sometime this week.

As for ordering stuff, my Macross Plus dvd still hasnt arrived yet lol. Hopefully it will get here soon though, thats for sure, because ive been wanting to watch it in dvd format for a while.

Today i plan on transferring all of my videogames to the shelves that i moved my anime dvds from, which will give me easier access to all of my games, instead of having them crammed on a little book case in my closet lol. I plan on posting a pic of my games up later today, or tommorrow so be sure to check back :)

Well i think im going to go make something to eat and then start moving the games around. i hope you all enjoyed the post and i sure hope to chat with you all soon :)

stay strong,